16 May 2018

Lavender Hill Mob Incense

I have been wanting to try Lush's incense range ever since they first introduced it to the world - yet I was put off by the rather expense price tag that accompanied both this and the Jasmine Revolution edition. However, after realising that I had tried almost everything from Lush's catalogue, I discovered that this was the next item on my 'to buy' list. I had to bite the bullet and give it a chance...

Lavender Hill Mob Incense is a rather unique product from a company that usually offers you bath bombs and shower gels and soaps. Made from only a small handful of ingredients, this strange but rather interesting product is not meant to be used on your body at all. In fact, this is for those who want mental stimulation as opposed to physical.

Made from sandalwood powder and lavender and sandalwood oil, this is a product that has been designed to bring comfort and relaxation 'amidst the violence of the world'. Inspired by the 2011 riots, this incense claims to 'still the mind' and 'remind us of the importance of community'.                                                                                                                         To use, Lush have included a charcoal disc which you are supposed to set fire to and allow to burn and simmer for a while until the disc is rather hot. Then you simply sprinkle a few pieces of incense onto the hot surface and the heat will do the rest for you - elevating the lavender and sandalwood aromas throughout the room and immediately bringing a sense of calm to your world. 

Firstly, I loved the unique way that this product is supposed to be used - it makes for a much more interesting experience than burning the usual, boring incense sticks. I find that the sticks tend to fill the room with an abundance of smoke, which can be rather toxic at times and not very inviting for those with asthma. Lavender Hill Mob is different because there is very little smoke given off, yet it's surprising how strong the aroma from the incense is. 

This one is especially great for someone like myself because it is very relaxing and induces a rather calm mental and physical state, which aides a good night's sleep. I tend to burn this half an hour before I'm planning on going to bed and I'm usually really settled and sleepy by the time the lavender has finished burning. 

The only downside to this product is that Lush don't offer any replacement discs to burn the incense on, and given that they offer you a large amount of incense in which to burn, you find yourself using up the disc before you've finished the tin. Given that it's rather difficult to find replacements outside of the company, this is a little frustrating. I'm sure most people wouldn't mind paying a couple of pounds more to get one or two spare discs to last them the whole pot. 
However, having said this, I find that using the leftover incense in the same way that you'd use potpourri is great for giving your living room a lovely, natural burst of lavender that lasts for weeks. This is a unique but rather interesting product that would benefit all those wishing to bring a little calm into their home. Despite the initial price tag, this tub has lasted me almost a year now - making it great value for money. Well worth the investment. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sandalwood Powder, Incense, Organic Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil.

Vegan?: Yes.

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