19 August 2013

Dorothy Bubble Bar

When I originally discovered the existence of the Dorothy Bubble Bar, I was really excited to try it out. It looked amazing and the reviews were really positive, which is always a good sign. Unfortunately, I think Lush had temporarily discontinued it at the time, as it wasn't listed on their site and I couldn't find it in any of my local stores. So I traipsed through pages and pages of listings on eBay and kept my eyes peeled, all the while hoping one would show itself sooner or later.

Two months later, a listing for a Lush gift box appeared, featuring none other than the Dorothy. I greedily snapped it up and anticipated it's arrival. As my luck would have it, Lush reinstated the Dorothy bar some three days after my order arrived, and my excitement deflated slightly. So much so, that I packed the Dorothy in my Bubble Bar box and forgot all about it. That was until earlier this week.
I'm going to be honest - the initial smell of this bubble bar is not all that pleasing. It smells a little of clean laundry after it's been left to dry overnight. A weak floral smell that is a little bit like Pop In the Bath, only not as sweet and sugary. It's by no means a terrible smell - just not a very interesting one.

Whilst running my bath, I crumbled the bubble bar under the tap and was pleased to see that the Dorothy bar produced a lot of bubbles. The heat and steam also helped to bring out the floral scent a little more, producing a very clean, fresh scent. You can pick out a gentle layer of ylang ylang, however, the smell remained rather weak, and when I first got into the bath, I could make out the scent of my pink FUN over anything that the Dorothy had created.

On the positive side, the bubble bar turns the water a beautiful deep turquoise colour. It's a really rich colour - much like the colour of the bubble bar itself and it's very inviting. It does dissipate somewhat over time but this is no doubt due to the other products you are using in the bath. The bubbles also reduce throughout the experience but I was surprised to find a surplus amount left at the end of the experience.

While Dorothy doesn't produce bubbles that are as soft or silky as other bubble bars, the water more than makes up for this. The water is wonderfully silky and I left the bath with beautiful velvety-smooth feeling skin. I felt really clean, refreshed and revitalised. However, when I stepped out of the bath, I was disappointed that the scent hadn't really lingered on my skin all that much at all. I also found that although my skin felt lovely and smooth, it still felt quite dry and in need of a moisturise. 

This bubble bar wasn't the most exciting, despite it's beautiful design. With all of Lush's other, more superior products, it's not something I would be interested in trying again. I would recommend this to those who perhaps prefer the subtle-scented products from Lush, and perhaps it would work better on those with different skin to mine. 
While it's in no way a terrible bubble bar, there are just far more better ones that I would pick over this one. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Ylang Ylang Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, Gardenia Extract, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Linalool, Colour 42090, Colour 14700, Colour 15510.

Vegan?: Yes

2015 Price: £3.25 each.
2017 Price: £3.95 each.

Scent Family:
Dorothy Bubble Bar
Figs & Leaves Soap

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  1. I thought that the bubble bar was so cute looking but I basically got the same results :( I quite liked the turquoise water though!