29 May 2016

Lush Cocktail: Little Red Riding Hood

Betty Boo's 'Little Red Riding Hood' Cocktail


Lashings Of So White Shower Gel



After watching Into The Woods one afternoon, I was inspired by this classic fairy tale-inspired cocktail, and knew it would be a great ending to a fairly wonderful Saturday. Not only was it a fairly straightforward recipe to follow, there was also very little involved in making it - making it great for those who don't want to use too many products for a single bath. 

While I'm unsure how the bubble bar fits in with the theme of Little Red Riding Hood, I figure the bubbleroon represents the forest, the FUN plays homage to her famous cloak, and the shower gel is reference to the very nature of it being a fairy tale to begin with. With my ingredients at the ready, I couldn't wait to escape reality with this fictional concoction. 

As all four of these products require you to crumble or pour them under the running tap, you can choose which order in which to add them. To begin with, I decided to hold and crumble the generous piece of Red FUN under the tap. This produced a beautiful and very warming orange bath, and filled the bathroom with a wave of sweet, mandarin and tangerine. 

Up next, I choose to crumble the Green Bubbleroon - which only served to deepen the orange colour in the water and give off a strong, robust 'green' aroma. As its name suggests, this product offers a beautiful, uplifting scent; a wonderful sweet but fresh aroma that smells like freshly cut grass with a generous splash of lime oil.

This happened to be the strongest element of the bath, despite the size of the piece that was used. I'd only suggest that you double the other ingredients if you wish for it to be further down in the mix. 

Up next, I decided to add in my 2-3 lashings of So White Shower Gel - the reason being that I thought the fresh, crisp apple aroma of the product would work really well when alongside the FUN and bubbleroon. And I was right.  Not only did it almost rival that of the bubbleroon in terms of its strength, but it softened the water and became noticeably more silky-soft within a matter of seconds.

Finally, I crumbled the Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar, and this is where things changed rather dramatically. As I expected, this is the odd one out in the mix, yet there is something magnificent about its inclusion that makes it worthy of staying. 

Not only did it turn the water a strange but rather alluring shade of green, but the scent was one that needs to be experienced to be really appreciated fully. It definitely didn't compliment the other ingredients well, but thats not to say that it didn't 'work'. Instead, its presence created a cocktail that seemed almost disjointed, but one that was rather enjoyable at the same time.

Although I was disappointed with the lack of colour and bubbles by the time I climbed into the tub, this is definitely something very different from the usual bath cocktails I have, and for that reason, it was most certainly rounded my Saturday off to a winning finale. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. Hi Jen! I made a new Bath Cocktail I think you will lik!
    Sleepy Time Tea:
    1\2 Pleasure Dough Bubblebar
    1 Icicle Baby Bot
    and 1 Floating Island Bathmelt
    This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE and definitely helps you sleep and unwind!
    Love, Ashten Asimos

  2. Hey Jen,

    Just thought you should know that the Green Bubbleroon is not Vegan. After Lush re-released it, they've added Honey to the mixture.

    1. Thx for letting us know!

    2. Yes I know this, but thank you for sharing! I created this bath cocktail right back when they first reformulated it - back before I had checked the ingredients list and discovered that they'd added honey :(

  3. What would go well with golden wonder, to make a bath cocktail that is citrusy and sweet.

    1. If you have the snowman fun bar from xmas that is a fab combo that i LOVE (just use the white part as to not ruin golden wonders lovely colour) Possibly yuzu and cocoa? Or big bang bubble bar. :)

    2. Yes I totally agree Beaver... it is amazing with the snowman fun!! I am so glad I picked up 6 bars of it to keep me stocked up until next Christmas.

  4. Thanks for the review! I've also tried it on my own to chill out in the bath after the hard week. Also, I love bubbles but they don't last as long I want to enjoy them. So I made a quick research. The thing that makes those bubbles in soap and shampoo called glycerin, you can buy it in any pharmacy. Then you can add some drops of your favorite oil (jojoba, pomegranate, lime, etc), just don't pour a lot as the strong smell will appear even after few drops. If your water is still too heavy or hard on your skin, you can add your favorite gel. Therefore your bath bubbles and aroma will last longer, in addition, the pure oil drops will have a positive impact on your skin! Now, lit some candles and don't forget to take some nice cocktail with you, fresh made is required for your figure, so check out to find some good juicer to make it ready for your bath party!)