16 June 2016

Lush Cocktail: Keep Calm And Karma On

Sarl's 'Keep Calm And Karma On'Cocktail




I have been so busy as of late that I've barely had time to run a bath, let alone browse through my extensive list of amazing cocktails, choose and compile the ingredients, and then film the whole thing to share with other Lush fans. So when I finally did find a few hours to do so, I knew I had to pick one that stood out by a mile.

Keep Calm And Karma On was actually one of the first cocktails suggested to me, back when I opened up my blog to hear, read and try your ideas. It was a recipe that oozed sophistication and sounded unbelievably complex and delicious. So when I finally got around to trying it last night, I couldn't believe that I had waited so long to execute it in the tub. 

As with a lot of the cocktails that have been shared with me, this one asks for a large number of products - most of which are not available all year around. While I tend to follow the recipes strictly, there would be no harm in halving or even quartering this recipe - I can't imagine the bath being any less than enjoyable.

To begin this one off, I crumbled the freshly purchased Karma Bubble Bar under the running water. As I stated in the video, you can use either this version or the newer pyramid version - the only difference would come in the overall colour of your bath. Both bubble bars will create a soft haven of orange and patchouli, and both would produce a wave of fragrant bubbles to cocoon yourself beneath. 

While the water was still running, I also added three generous squirts of Blue Skies Liquid Bubble Bath. This has a different smell to the bubble bar, but shares the inclusion of patchouli - giving this experience a very exotic and rather calming element that matches the title of this really well.

Once the tub was full, I then added in a Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. This seasonal favourite is such a light and uplifting citrusy smell, and it entices the orange out of the Karma to give you a much stronger fruity note overall. This game-changer alters the colour of the water once again and you're left with a beautiful forest green colour, with swirls of lustre under the surface. 

During the experience, I used Big Calm Shower Jelly, which with its pineapple and coconut fragrance, is very different from the first three components. This adds an almost revitalising aspect to the cocktail, and I really enjoyed the diversity of smells while I was using it. 

Once I had towelled myself down, I topped up the Karma smell but adding lashings of Karma Kream Body Lotion - a light, refreshing moisturiser that'll leave you feeling relaxed, calm and ready for bed. This latter ingredient was a nice way to round off the whole experience, and if anything, it made me fall in love with the Karma fragrance that little bit more.

Overall, this was such a wonderful experience. The aroma given off was complex and very rounded; the water soft and nourishing. I did feel calm and composed after this, and once I tucked myself into bed, I was very quick to fall asleep. Definitely one I would treat myself to again.

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.


  1. I love the look of this cocktail allthingslushuk it's amazing lol

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    1. I know right lol my nails are so thin they NEVER stay long