5 August 2016

Lush Cocktail: Fields Of Flowers

Diana's 'Fields Of Flowers' Cocktail




Quite a few of you have asked me to focus on cocktails that either contain few ingredients, or those that feature seasonal products that are not available year-round. While I haven't quite succeeded with either task in this cocktail, I have definitely been somewhat successful in part.

Fields Of Flowers is a very simplistic cocktail - one that didn't immediately jump off the page at me when I was flicking through my bath cocktail book. However, once you've gathered the ingredients together, you realise that all three products that feature here are pretty spectacular by themselves, so together...

To start out, I crumbled my slice of Mother Superior under the running tap. This seasonal beautiful was originally released last year and shares its scent with Sakura - a strong, light blossom aroma that elevates around the bathroom and leaves you feeling as if you're caught in a snowstorm of blossom petals. 

Not only does it possess one of my favourite floral aromas, it also happens to be incredibly hard-working in the tub. As soon as the product began to filter into the water, the bubbles began to grow and expand across the bath, and the water immediately became a swirling, bubbling mass of silk. 

Up next was the Green Bubbleroon. By itself, this is incredible strong, and I was initially worried that it would thwart the other ingredients and make it pointless even using them in the first place. Despite this fear, I discovered that this bubbleroon works effectively with Mother Superior to produce a stunning-looking, sweet, citrusy haven of lime and blossom.

Not only this but the colour of the water becomes a stunning green colour - which is both refreshing on the senses and makes the whole cocktail a very uplifting and invigorating experience. 

Finally, a small chunk of Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar doesn't do much in the way of scent, but does add some much-appreciated essential butters and oils to soften the skin. Ultimately, this supports the other ingredients to make the whole experience more comforting and moisturising.

Ultimately, this is a really easy cocktail to recreate, and if you have all three ingredients, you could easily squeeze three separate baths out of them - making it exceptional value for money. I can only hope that Mother Superior makes a reappearance during this year's Mother's Day Range so I can buy a few more and use them in cocktails such as this.     

Rating: 8.7 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. Yes! I was hoping for more cocktails with Mother Superior, as I have too much of it and for me, it really doesn't work alone. Maybe I got not-so-fresh-smelling batch :/

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