24 September 2016

Pumpkin Bath Bomb

It's fair to say that I find it rather shocking that a company who are most famous for their bath bombs, and one so prevalent in their yearly Halloween releases, has never once released a proper Pumpkin Bath Bomb. Of course, there's THAT one, but who ever heard of a flat Jack-o-Lantern?

A massive holiday in America, Halloween is not something that England has wholeheartedly embraced as of yet, although the increase in merchandise definitely demonstrates its rising popularity. While I have always been more of a Christmas girl, my involvement with Lush has definitely incited an interest in the spooky season that wasn't there before.

When I initially saw the leaked photos that showcased this year's seasonal products, I was near on ecstatic when I noticed the inclusion of Pumpkin Bath Bomb. I found myself salivating when I read the description and intrigued when it stated that it didn't share its fragrance with the old release; instead containing both vanilla absolute and pimento berry, combined to give off an aroma reminiscent of home-baking and pumpkin pie.

Despite my excitement, I should probably mention the fact that I've never actually tried pumpkin pie, or indeed pumpkin, so there's a small chance that my impressions of this scent are not as accurate as those who indulge in the vegetable regularly. However, I have gorged myself on many members of the squash family and I can safely say that I have a great insight into the smell and taste of many of its siblings. 

Upon arrival, I was near on blown away by the fragrance that greeted me from the packet. Not only was it incredibly strong and robust, but I found that it had multiple layers that gave it a slightly different smell each and every time I sniffed it. It's an aroma that takes a few seconds to showcase its different elements, so I suggest you sit with it for a while and allow yourself time to experience each and every one of the components.

Initially, the smell is quite a fruity one, not something I was expecting from the ingredients listed alongside this. It reminded me a little of Hippy Chick as it's more of a zesty grapefruit smell than an orange, lemon or lime one. It's very spritzy and fizzy, and definitely not something that you'd associate with pumpkins. However, once you indulge a little further, the other elements come to life, and the fruity smell that you smelt to begin with, takes a step back and allows for the other notes to come forward.

Showcasing a different side to what you'd normally expect, both the cinnamon and a dash of vanilla make their presence known at this stage - a collaboration that offers a very rich and sultry fragrance, one that mimics the sweet and spicy smell you'd expect with a pumpkin pie. It it definitely a foody smell, and I agree with Lush when they say it brings about a biscuity fragrance. It's warming and decadent and something I would use as a replacement if I wasn't prepared to bake anything comforting to curb my sweet tooth.

As to be expected, the bath bomb exploded upon impact with the water - fizzing immediately and sending out waves of pumpkin-coloured streams to decorate the bath with. Within seconds the top layer has dissolved, revealing a yellow inner core. I didn't really see the relevance of this colour change until the bath had fully disappeared and then I noticed that the water had swirls of both colours to give the water different depths of colour in places.

What really impressed me was that aroma remained robust throughout the whole experience and I could smell it on my skin for a couple of hours after towelling myself down, although I did feel as if the fruity element thwarted the richness of the cinnamon and vanilla a little and I was hoping for more of these elements to come out in the hot water.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb was not the most moisturising of bath bombs but neither was it at all drying. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft, as do most of Lush's ballistics, but I was expecting a little more for a product that had light swirls of oils on the surface as I was bathing. I was also disappointed that the bomb didn't stay afloat as I prefer ones that put on more of a show in the water. 

Overall, this is a unique and very different smell from anything that Lush have released in the past. It's definitely an improvement on the old Pumpkin Bath Bomb - it smells far nicer and offers a better colour in the bath. However, it's certainly not on par with some of the other Halloween products that have made an appearance this year. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Pimento Berry Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, *Cinnamal, *Citral Eugenol, *Geraniol, *Limonene, Perfume, Colour 15510, Colour 45350.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £3.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2016.


  1. Oh dear, not another urine-coloured bath. No thanks.

    1. But it's ORANGE

    2. You should defo go to a doctor if your urine is bright orange!

    3. It's not bright orange in the photos though, it's much paler, and it says it's yellow inside. I'm not tempted either.

  2. Hmm I don't have LUSH where I live so sadly I can only order from a neighboring country which means I have to take a wild guess at which scents will suit me! I was hoping this had more of a vanillary/warm scent since I'm not a big fan of anything too citrusy especially in fall which calls for richer/earthier scents. I'm not quite sure yet whether I want to order this one or not!

  3. Is there a reason you've never tried pumpkin? It's delicious haha

  4. Is there a reason you've never tried pumpkin? It's delicious haha

    1. it's generally less available edible in the uk. i know i never have either but i definitely want to x3

  5. I'll bet the yellow inside is to represent the light in a jack-o-lantern.

  6. I just wrote my own review on this! Like you, I've never actually had much experience with pumpkin pie so I didn't really get that scent description in all honesty. Smelt very similar to Avobath but with an Autumn twist I'd say.I didn't even know there was a previous version but I'm glad to see it's improved! Do you think you'll be repurchasing this one? I'm still undecided.

    Love the post and I'm so happy to have discovered your Blog!
    - Hannah xx

  7. Just had a bath with it. Definitely not pumpkin pie scented at all. It's quite strong, VERY orange, in fact where it touched my skin I was a bit orange until I rubbed it off.