1 December 2016

Papa Noel Face Wash Jelly

Lush are normally first to admit when something doesn't go right for them. As a company, they are very open with their customers about the fact that while they trial and test each and every one of their products before they hit the shelves,  the fact that they are handmade means that at times things will go wrong. The very nature of their self-preserving, freshly-made products means that there is a greater margin for error when compared to other, more synthetic, mass-produced items. 

Papa Noel Face Wash Jelly sparked quite an interest when it was first revealed at the beginning of the season. However, that excitement was short-lived when a few days later, the product was removed from the shelves. While speculation was all that the community were able to go on, it soon transpired that the formulation of the jelly wasn't quite right, and Lush decided to recall the product until they had figured out how to rectify the situation.

A few weeks later saw the return of the jelly, and the difference between the two was very much evident from the get-go. Firstly, the original was far thicker, heavier and more 'fluffy' in consistency - perhaps the main problem that led to the large product breaking apart almost immediately upon contact with water. The newer version is slightly smaller (weighing in at 180g as opposed to the 200g it started off as); a little shinier to the touch; and far more robust when in use than the original. Besides this, both jellies function in the same manner, and so far I have noticed little difference in how they leave my skin feeling and smelling after use.
The first of its kind, Papa Noel is a seasonal novelty that sees Lush taking two of their greatest achievements - shower jellies and facial skin care - and bringing the two worlds together. Featuring lime, jojoba and tangerine oil, this face wash may be in a league of its own in regards to design, but its aroma is the tried and tested fragrance you would expect to find in Enzymion Facial Cleanser.

Bright and fruity like a tropical cocktail, this jelly features lime oil to clear out the pores, tangerine oil to brighten the skin and jojoba to smooth and soften the complexion. While I haven't tried the two products together, I would imagine that the facial cleanser and this seasonal novelty would no doubt compliment each other well. 

To use, you can do one of two ways. I found that wetting it under the shower for a split second, before massaging it across the whole face, was the most effective way for me to wash my face. The jelly is robust enough that it doesn't break, big enough that it's easy to hold, and the fact that it sits away from the shower means that it helps to cool the face for those brief few moments on the skin. 
On the other hand, some people also choose to break off a small piece, lather this into their hands and then massage it across the face. Either way, the jelly is fairly generous so you don't need to hold or massage the product for long. Having using this daily for the last couple of weeks, I have not noticed any change in terms of the shape or size of Papa Noel, meaning that a single jelly would easily last you six months to a year, and this is with daily use.

Once on the skin, I chose to leave the lather on for a while before rising away, as I found that this left my face feeling very clean and gentle afterwards. The lather itself is not as fluffy as you'd normally expect a shower jelly to produce; instead what you get is a similar lather to that of a more oily soap. While I wouldn't say that my complexion felt highly moisturised after using this, my skin did feel clearer, and I could smell the fruity, almost 'tangy' aroma for a short while after exiting the shower. 

Funnily enough, it took me buying one of these to realise that I am not as invested in this smell as I once was. When I discovered Enzymion for the first time many years ago, I thought it was one of the best smells to come from Lush. Although I definitely enjoyed the scent of this, I wasn't as in awe of it as I was expecting it to be. Furthermore, as the original facial cleanser has a tendency to do, the scent of this gives off a note that I can only describe as smelling a little like plastic. It certainly wasn't off-putting, however it didn't sit well with me under the hot water.

While this is an enjoyable product, and one that I will continue to use regularly over the next few months, this is not something that I feel I can scream and shout about. I'm sure more products of this calibre will begin to seep into Lush's extensive range of facial products in the near future, but I can't say this is one of the best ideas I have seen in recent years. Quirky but not necessarily groundbreaking.  

Quantitative Ingredients: Glycerine, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Carrageenan Extract, Kaolin, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Perfume, Lilial, Organic Jojoba Oil, Tangerine Oil, Lime Oil, Titanium Dioxide, *Citral, *Limonene, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £7.95 for 180g 

Year Of Original Release: 2016.

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