22 August 2017

Maypole Body Lotion

Although I would never claim to be a huge fan of mint, there is something delicious and rather satisfying about a mint fragrance that has a buttery element to it. While I'm not a fan of soaps as a whole, and I find it very difficult to get that excited about any new ones that Lush bring out, I have to say that Maypole was definitely one that piped my interests a little to begin with.
Sharing its scent with the aforementioned soap, Maypole Body Lotion is exactly like its older sibling - a creamy, mouth-watering combination of peppermint and Canadian maple syrup. There is something about this combination that removes that unwanted harsh smell that you'd normally associate with mint-dominated fragrances, and instead offers a velvety blanket of peppermint that is slightly cushioned by the sweetness of the syrup.
Imagine a buttery mint or mint-flavoured toffee, and you might begin to understand the scent that this body lotion offers. While those that oppose mint smells will still dislike this release, consumers that are looking for something both refreshing and comforting, will probably quite enjoy what this product has to offer. 
Released as a one-off special in the Lush Kitchen, this limited edition is the perfect accompaniment for this time of year. In the autumn weather, the sweetness of the syrup comes alive with the heat of your body, and you'll feel like you're wrapped in a sugary blanket of warmth and comfort. During the winter months, the mint will not only stimulate your muscles and relieve a little tension, but will work on leaving you feeling refreshed while you're cocooned under layers of clothing. 
Sporting a medium thickness, this limited edition is fairly straight forward to apply across the body, and you won't find that it takes very long to be absorbed into the skin. I would recommend that once you're massaged it across the areas you wish to moisturise, you leave a good 10-15 minutes to allow the product to disperse into the skin before reapplying any clothing.
Once on the skin, the peppermint tends to dissipate within about 10 minutes, and you're left with more of a creamy, sugary smell with just a hint of mint in the background. Within about 40 -50 minutes, I wasn't able to detect much of a smell at all, and I had to reapply the body lotion If I wanted more of the fragrance.
While the aroma was fairly short-lived, I did find that the lotion did have an impact on my skin for a good few hours after application. My hands in particular, which seem to receive the brunt of the colder weather, were still smooth and soft some three hours later, and I found that I only needed to reapply it once more throughout the day to keep them in good condition. 
Having said that, I did notice that my skin needed to be moisturised again the following day, as the body lotion doesn't seem to heed long-term results. Unlike Sympathy For The Skin, I didn't noticed the condition of my skin change and improve over time, so I don't believe this lotion is overly nourishing for those who have fairly dry complexions.
Overall, those who want a body lotion that will keep them moisturised for the day ahead, Maypole may be one you want to try - if it ever makes an appearance again. However, there are lotions that are far more effective, and much more appealing to me that will probably prevent me from purchasing this again any time soon.Quantitative Ingredients: ?Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £13.95 for 225g.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.
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