19 July 2014

Damp Squid Bath Ballistic

For about three months, back towards the beginning of 2013, I went through a phase of scouting eBay every single day, desperately seeking out rare and discontinued bath bombs to add to my collection. While I'm far too embarrassed to admit the amount of money I spent on this venture, I was definitely rather successful in my quest. By the end, I had amassed close to 400 different ballistics, bubble bars and melts; a sizeable lot that I had to try and fit into my tiny room.

One of the items I was most excited to find/try was the Damp Squid Ballistic, of which I managed to pick up three of. This ballistic was one of Lush's original products, released back in the day when they called themselves Cosmetics To Go. Although I don't know the story behind why this bath bomb was made to look like a squid, I find it endearing and rather cute nevertheless. 

For ballistics as old as these, I was expecting them to be rather weak in scent. However, I was surprised to find that all three of them were still very strong smelling and in tact; I wonder whether the canvas incasing had anything to do with the retention of smell. These bath bombs are much smaller than the average size ballistic, similar in size to Cinders and Keep It Fluffy, although they're not as attractive in design. Underneath the canvas, they're a simple white in colour. 

Damp Squid is very similar to another one of Lush's old bath bombs, Silent White, of which I also managed to amass a few. However, this one smells a little more potent and slightly more herby, which I appreciate. Made using a combination of ylang ylang, patchouli and rosewood oil, it has an earthy and floral scent, which somewhat heightens once the bath bomb has fully dissolved. Whether this is due to it's age or not, but I also noticed a slightly powdery sugary edge to the bath bomb; a sherberty element not unlike the after scent of the Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic

Together, this sweet but earthy scent created a wonderfully calm and relaxing bath, one that went incredibly well with my Karma Shower Gel

As this is an old ballistic, it did sink to the bottom of the tub, and it didn't produce any colour once it had fully dispersed. Furthermore, the canvas outer shell proved a little annoying when it became caught up in the chain of my plug, and I had to spend a good five minutes fiddling with it to sort it out. 

However, it left my skin feeling really soft and smelling beautiful. For a product nearly six years old, I was extremely impressed with how well it performed; even outdoing some of the Lush products that are mere 2-3 months old.

I've only given this ballistic a rating of three, due mostly to it's performance when it hit the water, and my overall reaction to it's fragrance. However, I can imagine if Lush ever brought back a fresh batch for me to try, I would no doubt re-evaluate this review and award it higher. I can imagine this being more beautiful back in the day - I wish I was there to enjoy it then. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Citric acid, Fine sea Salt, Perfume, Irish Moss powder, Rosewood oil, Patchouli Oil, Petigrain oil, Ylang Ylang, Coumarin, Hydroxycitronellas.

Vegan?: Yes.

Scent Family:
Damp Squid Ballistic
Silent Letters Bath Bomb
Silent White Bath Bomb

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