4 April 2015

Thanks Mum Gift Set

When Lush first announced that they would be bringing this gift set out a few weeks ago in the Lush Kitchen, I spent a long time debating whether or not to buy one. While it features three superb products, I didn't know whether or not I really needed these items at this point in time. 

As it transpired, my willpower is considerably weak and I caved in as per usual and purchased a single box. Despite my initial reservations, upon its arrival I was immediately glad that I had made this investment, as I consider it to be the greatest gift set I have yet to receive from Lush. 

What makes this collection rather special is the perfect selection of products that  make an appearance inside. While the outside is rather basic in design - a bright pink wrapping finished with a pale green ribbon, the inside speaks volumes, and it is this that makes Thanks Mum extra special.  

This gift set features:

Not one of these three beautiful products are part of the regular range, despite many Lush fans agreeing that they probably should be. For this reason, this set offers a taster of three limited edition goodies that are staple items for many Lush fanatics around the globe - a box set that will only increase in value over time. 

The Comforter Shower Gel and Body Lotion share the same beautiful aroma - a rich, decadent blackcurrant fragrance unlike any other on the market. This scent family is easily one of Lush's most popular and would be a best seller if it became a regular feature in their shops and online. Both of these products share their aroma with the best-selling Comforter Bubble Bar - easily one of Lush's biggest and best selling products to date.

To change it up a little, while still complimenting the strong, fruity theme that this gift set follows, the collection also features Summer Pudding Soap - a rich, creamy, mixed berry-dominated smell, which along with the nutty, savoury scent of almonds, rounds this collection off perfectly. 

These three products are a perfect spring/summer combination - a wonderful trio that not only showcase some of the finer offers from Lush, but are great for anyone looking for that perfect indulgence in the shower. While I don't regret only purchasing one, I really feel this would be wonderful as a permanent gift set in shops - allowing new fans a taster of firm favourites, while allowing life-long consumers to pick up their favourites on a regular basis. 

Vegan?: Yes. 

2015 Price: £19.50 each.


  1. I so wish that Lush would make this set available in New Zealand! If I lived near a Lush Kitchen I think I would be broke ��, but happy. I LOVE the smell of the Comforter, you are very lucky! Rebecca NZ

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