27 June 2015

Lush Cocktail: Bathin' In Gold

Lynnea's 'Bathing' In Gold' Cocktail 




Sometimes you just need to feel like royalty, and after a rotten day at work, I just needed a bath that would not only wash away my stress and anxiety, but rekindle some of the bounce I had lost in my step. Bathin' In Gold Cocktail sounded like the percent remedy - a rich and very bright-smelling collaboration that would leave my skin feeling and smelling like a million pounds. 

While I have used quite a lot of product for this cocktail, you could easily halve both the bath bombs and still get an incredible result. Furthermore, I found that the scent of Golden Egg was somewhat thwarted next to the other ingredients, so you could even opt to remove this altogether and still have an experience worthy of a royal vote. 

To create this cocktail, you must first crumble half of a Sunnyside under the running tap. As I have stated before, this is quite a stubborn bubble bar, even when fresh, so you may find it easier to crumble it before running your bath or as I did, hold it under the tap and let the water soften it. This cocktail favourite gives off a strong orangey aroma and turns the water a warming gentle shade of yellow. It also fills the tub with swirls of golden lustre, which may look like a nightmare for glitter-phobes, but in reality is not very messy at all. 

Up next, you can either hold a small slab of Pot O' Gold Shower Jelly under the tap or transfer it into a sieve and hold that under the running water. While the scent of this is really strong, the jelly is used more as a way to stimulate a few extra bubbles and make the water an even softer experience. 

Once the bath has be run, add in the Golden Egg Bath Bomb. This is a slow dissolver - sending out beautiful, creamy toffee-scented oils across the surface of the water and deepening the colour of the water to a beautiful golden shade. This bath bomb is also packed with butters to turn the water into a haven of moisture that'll leave your skin feeling as smooth as a babys. 

As I mentioned above, you don't have to include the whole egg if you're savouring your products - half is more than sufficient to make this cocktail amazing. Or, you can opt to leave this out completely as I don't think it's absence would be missed all that much.  

Finally, add in your Dragon's Egg and watch as it bleeds a thick blanket of fragrant foam into the water. Packed full of citrus oils, this sherbert-lemon scented bath bomb helps to create an uplifting and very refreshing experience. Both Sunnyside and Dragon's Egg compliment each other perfectly - creating a stunning bath full of colour and fragrance.  

This bath cocktail left me feeling like a new person. My skin felt incredible, I smelt like a goddess and my mood was completely transformed from when I had first submerged myself beneath the golden waves. This is the perfect summer bath and one I will be using over and over again. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10.


  1. I wish I still had a golden egg. I absolutely love it and all the glitter.

    1. I wish I had more than the one I am now savouring until next year - they're wonderful aren't they?

    2. They're still in stock on Lush Japan!

  2. i have 3 i recently got from japan and i cant stand them šŸ˜•

    1. Do you want to swap or sell them? I'd be happy to buy them off of you!

    2. hey jen! i cant sell so to speak as i dont have a pay pal set up, im in australia but id be more than happy to palm them off, i did have 4 i used one and all round it was just not a pleasant experience for me! wish id bought more mrs whippy instead lol

  3. That looks amazing! Anything with Dragon's Egg in it and I am happy. Definitely need to try this.

    Best wishes,