7 November 2015

Eye Powders / Earth Eye Powders

When it comes to Lush, I am very much like a child; I don't show any restraint, I don't seem to be able to stay within any sort of budget, and I'm a sucker for anything that looks or sounds remotely interesting - which accounts for near enough every single one of Lush's products. There is no wonder then, that I end up spending so much money in any one sitting.  

When it comes to Lush's new selection of eye powders, they are both a burden and a joy to behold. On the one hand, the idea of there being so many brand new items that I've yet to try out, means that my wallet is screaming at me like a kettle ready to boil - my bank account praying that I'll forego the inevitable splurge. 
On the other hand, the child within me is equally fascinated and excited by the array of carefully crafted, minute glass bottles - each one filled with magical powders of every colour imaginable, just waiting to be explored. Images of The BFG's cave stacked high with bottles full of dreams comes to mind.

Lush's new eye powders come in two varieties: regular and earth - the former boasting an impressive eighteen different shades which include:  

-Arty (Black with Silver sparkle)
-Captivate (Earthy Grey with a hint of Sparkle)
-Cherish (Dusky pink with hints of Peach and Gold)
-Carefree (Sky Blue)
-Enchanted (Pastel Purple)
-Explore (Blackberry Purple)
-Focus (Dove Grey)
-Happiness (Bronze with a hint of Copper)
-Honest (Lilac with a slight hint of pink)
-Hypnotic (Shimmery Grey)
-Intuitive (Golden Green)
-Lifted (Pastel Yellow)
-Optimist (Has Slight Golden Undertones)
-Radiant (White with Shimmer)
-Skilled (Damask Pink with golden undertones)
-Sophisticated (Bronze)
-Unconditional (Black)
-Wise (Nymph Green)

The latter offering a reserved but equally as exciting five variations which are:

-Dream (Anthocyanin Purple)
-Forgive (Cashmere Pink)
-Lucid (Moss Green)
-Protect (Gardenia Blue)
-Victorious (Gardenia Yellow)

All of these powders are self-preserving, and each one comes in a recyclable case that can be disposed of afterwards, making the product environmentally friendly. Furthermore, each and every one of these shades seem to be complimentary of the others so they can be mixed and blended at your will to produce some stunning colour variations.

As with most of Lush's make up range, new and old, these powders are fairly versatile - doubling up as both a highlighter and a blusher for those that wish to use them in this way. While I have yet to try either of the variations above, I do recognise that the tapioca starch base really allows these produces to glide on and settle on the skin wonderfully, so I have no doubt that they would work equally well as a blusher/highlighter as they do a eye shadow.

There are at least two different ways in which you can use these powders, and how you go about application will depend on the effect you are looking for. Firstly, you can opt to apply the powder in the same way that you'd normally apply eye shadow - using a brush or your fingers to massage and blend the colour to your liking. This will produce a flawless layer of colour, but one that is fairly reserved for those who want something light or are going to blend with multiple colours and don't want something too heavy to begin with.

If you're looking for something that leaves a more vivid impression on your skin, you'll need to add some water into the mix. You can either rub a little liquid onto your eyelids and then apply the powder as you would normally do, or as I found worked for me, add a single drop of water into the lid of one of the powders and then mix a little powder in before applying immediately.

As you can see from my pictures, there is a clear difference between the result after using water and when you opt not to. Much like when you apply onto dry skin, you not only get a wonderful layer without any cracks or blotches, but the make up stays in place until you choose to remove it.

What I love about these little bottles of joy is that they look great on display, are versatile enough to be used on a multiple number of body parts (ooh-er!) and in a variety of different ways, and despite their size will last you a good six months or longer, depending on how often you choose to use them.

Not only that but I feel as if I've almost invested in two different eye shadows for the price of one. When applied dry, all of these eye powders look different to when they're applied wet - meaning I can chop and change how I wear them and create different effects depending on my mood.  

Overall, while I initially bought them because of their 'novelty' look and the endless possibilities that I could envisage myself using them for, I come to realise that I value many of the shades that Lush have offered in their range, and will continue using these on a weekly basis as part of my regular make up routine.

Quantitative Ingredients: Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, CI73360, CI45410:2, CI77947, CI77491.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £10 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2015.

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