11 November 2015

Lush Cocktail: Karma's Komet

Jorge's 'Karma's Komet' Cocktail




When a bath bomb makes an impression, it can take a long time to shake off the craving to use one every single day. Such is the case with Intergalactic - a ballistic that first reared its beautiful head back in April of this year, and has been a regular feature in my baths ever since. 

Alongside the use of the new Karma Bubble Bar, it was the inclusion of these two 'new' products that attracted me to the Karma's Komet Cocktail. Not only did it need so little ingredients, making it great value for money, but it also featured three completely different scents, which only intrigued me into finding out what they would be like together.

To begin with, I crumbled the bubble bar under the running water and relished in how soft and easy this new design is to use. The new design means that the water is converted into a stunning shade of purple, with the golden bath melt at the top adding a little sparkle into the tub.

This product smells exactly as you would expect - a perfect balance of orange, patchouli and lemongrass that engulfs you the second it comes into contact with the heat of the water, and fills the bathroom with a scent that lingers throughout the whole experience. 

Next I added in the Intergalactic Bath BombContaining a generous helping of peppermint, cedarwood and vetivert oil, this Oxford Street exclusive has a fresh, exhilarating and very uplifting minty fragrance. Claiming to create the scent of an 'intergalactic 80s rogue' (whatever that means!), this bath bomb is the perfect accompaniment for those who are looking for their new summer favourite. This ballistic is sure to leave your senses enlightened and your skin unworldly-soft. 

In this cocktail, the ballistic deepens the water to a stunning and very dark shade of blue, with swirls of silver lustre pulsating under the surface to make it look like a night's sky in the tub. The mint scent combines with the sweet, citrusy goodness of the Karma Bubble Bar and creates an aroma that is rather difficult to describe, but one that needs to be tried out because it is alluring and so incredibly beautiful. 

Finally, the Delight Bath Oil adds an array of much needed oils and butters to moisturise and nourish the skin, while the scent adds a note of lime to compliment the Karma, and a helping of pine and black pepper to work alongside the minty aroma. 

What you notice when you first smell this bath melt is that the lime and pine combination is equal on both sides. On the one hand, you get an instant burst of  the fresh, zesty citrus element - one that gives this oil a very refreshing twist. Yet the latter ingredient also offers a strong, sharp and rather rich green aroma - a note that reminds me of the smell of wet pine needles on a summer's day. 

Once all three ingredients have been added, the composure of the cocktail is complete. The bath water looks like you've captured a part of the galaxy, while the scent wraps itself around you and holds you complacent for a good while before you gain the willpower to leave.

While this is a really strange collaboration, it works, and the small number of products means that this is worth every penny. If you want to conserve your products, you can half both the bath bomb and the bath oil, and I'm sure you'd still get a wonderful experience out of it. 

Rating: 9.3 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. Haha, "intergalactic 80's rogue" refers to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, what Intergalactic bath bomb is based on.
    This cocktail sounds lovely. I don't have a bathtub in my dorm, so I have some serious bath envy. Love seeing your posts, as always!

  2. Hey Jen! Do you think you could do an article on tips for the sale after Christmas? Do the shops open on Boxing Day, or the day after? How do you get the cheapest things possible?

    1. I will do one in the coming couple of weeks - thanks for the great idea :)

    2. Just to add - could you add what kind of products are usually left over in the stores? I'm really hoping that rose jam will still be left over! Thank you!

  3. Please do one ^ also am I right in saying it starts at 9???

  4. These look amazing! I do love all things patchouli <3 I got the Karma Kream and love it! :-D