10 November 2016

Great Balls Of Bicarb Gift Set

I have to say - the one irritating aspect about Lush's regular Great Balls Of Bicarb tube, is the fact that it's not suitable for vegans. Despite the discontinuation of Honey Bee Bath Bomb, it still remains a feature in this gift set, which means I am not able to buy a handful and use them as storage. As the product design has been specifically made to store bath bombs perfectly, and help to retain their smell and shape, it's a great way to store your favourites safely throughout the year.

When Lush announced that they would be bringing out this Halloween edition in the Lush Kitchen, and that the three products inside would be suitable for me to buy, I was happy that I would be finally able to own at least one tube for future storage. My only grouch is that the tube is a little shorter, due to there being less products - a problem that could have easily been rectified by Lush giving us a few extra items in here, instead of three. Just saying.

As with the Haunted House Gift Set, Lush seem to have chosen three completely different products to feature in this limited edition release. And much like the aforementioned product, the contrasting elements of all three scents is probably one of the reasons why the gift set was still available weeks after it went on sale.

While I'm lucky enough that I have the disposable income to invest in something like this without too many worries, a lot of consumers would not be willing to buy a gift set in which they only really wanted one product. With the Halloween range being so impressive this year, many Lush fans would have opted to head to a shop and pick up a few bombs, rather than taking a risk with this one.

Having said that, if you like your baths, and you're wanting to try some of Lush's most popular Halloween fragrances, this gift set is great because it offers three very opposing scents and three very different experiences.  

This gift set contains:

Each of the bath bombs in this collection offer something different, depending on your mood. If you need a warm blanket to submerge yourself beneath, Jacko Bath Bomb is the one for you. With cardamom, clove and spearmint, this spicy, minty concoction is a great one to warm your body and relax your mind. After a hard day's work, Magic Bath Bomb is a great choice for helping you to wake up a little and refresh those tired senses. Rose, peppermint and an array of different herbs go into making this a potent floral and herbal-driven experience. For those who need a little sunshine in their lives, The Enchanter - with its strong, zesty lime aroma, is a bath bomb that'll brighten, clean and invigorate every part of you.

On the positive side, the design of this gift set is very beautiful, and will be a fantastic addition to my already bulging collection. It would also make a great Christmas present, despite it being the wrong season, as the size and price is perfectly matched to be an affordable gift set for most people.

However, I think the tube would have been much more popular if it had been a tin rather than a cardboard design. Adding a slot in the top would have meant it could have doubled up as a money box at well, making it an even better gift to invest in. Furthermore, the fact that all three products are very contradictory of each other (and this is very evident when you open the tube for the first time and are immediately greeted with a strange collaboration of smells), means that a lot of people would have no doubt have been put-off investing in Great Balls Of Bicarb to begin with.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £17.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2016.     


  1. Hi jen! Would you be doll and tell me what are the oxford exclusives now,my friend is in London and ima make her a wish list!

  2. I actually liked that the set was weird! It meant being able to snag it without waking up at the crack of dawn for lil Canadian me ;) Finally trying Magic yessss.