7 November 2016

Haunted House Gift Set

Just when you think that Lush cannot possibly bring out any new gift ideas, they go ahead and bring out the Haunted House - a Kitchen Exclusive that perhaps tops the polls as the most beautiful Halloween gift set that the company have ever done. Priced up at £28.50, this limited edition is far from the top end of most people's budgets, while offering an interesting selection of items from Lush's extensive Halloween vault.

Designed especially for this one-off release, I doubt very much whether it really mattered what products the company decided to feature inside. That's not to say that consumers were going to throw their money at a less than perfect release. However, let's be honest - most collectors were going to want the gift set for its design alone. For me, the items inside were almost an after-thought behind my purchase - I was going to buy this gift set no matter what was featured within its four walls. 

Offering five limited edition Halloween products - only one of which has been made available to buy individually in the last matter of months, this collection features such a diverse and interesting array of different scents and formats. 

You have: 

Offering insight into some of Lush's most popular seasonal fragrances, all five of these products are completely different when it comes to scent and productivity, which could be a positive or a negative trait, depending on how you view the diversity in this collection. 

For someone who is open to most fragrances, this gift set is full of aromas for every type of mood you may be in. Demon In The Dark is one of the Lush Kitchen’s most popular soaps - offering a punch of mint to awaken the senses and an undercut of fresh apple to invigorate the skin; Pumkin is perhaps the gentlest of the five, bringing forward a creamy combination of figs and aloe vera for a warming, comforting bath. 

Ghost Shower Gel is a light, delicate floral arrangement while Nightwing Shower Jelly offers a citrusy, lime concoction for those with a sweet tooth. Finally, Something Wicked Bath Melt brings ginger and jasmine to the table, and promises to replenish your skin after a nice soak.

For those who perhaps have an interest in a particular type of scent, this might be a gift that you'd want to avoid. If you're someone who doesn't like to purchase items blindly, you too might shy away from investing quite a substantial amount on a handful of goodies you have no idea whether or not you'll enjoy.

It is for these two reasons that I think the Haunted House Gift Set stayed around for a lot longer than I was expecting it to, and the main reason why I think this set would not necessarily sell well if it was brought out in shops. However, for the collectors around the globe, it's an opportunity to own a beautifully designed box that can act as storage afterwards; experience a collection of very different 'classics' without having to search for each item individually online; and give you an array of very different products to use over the coming colder months.

If I had had more disposal income when this gorgeous gift set was released, I would seriously have considered buying another one or two of these to indulge myself with. While you're paying quite a hefty amount for the box itself (I worked it out as being around £7-£8), as a one-off it is wonderful, and definitely something that will look great on any collector's shelf.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £28.50 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2016.      

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