21 April 2017

Think Pink Bath Bomb (2017 Updated Edition)

Once you've been a fan for a number of years, you'll begin to notice that Lush will often tweak and change products to keep them updated and relevant with the times. This is no doubt how they ensure that new fans will be enticed into the shops, while established fans will remain excited and interested in products that have been around for a good many years.

Given the fact that I often forget about this bath bomb, Think Pink is one of the items that I'm surprised is still popular enough to be a member of the regular range. As one of only two small bath bombs left, I can understand why consumers might overlook this one in favour of its bigger, more fragrant counterparts.
For this reason, I am not at all surprised that Lush have chosen to revamp this stale bath bomb and turn it into one of the most exciting products of the year. While there has not been a date set for when this officially makes it into all stores, the general consensus is that this ballistic will be replacing its older sibling at some point in the coming months.

Featuring tonka, vanilla absolute and neroli oil, Think Pink is a delicate, candy-inspired delight. Both of the former ingredients offer a creamy, musky layer of vanilla, while the inclusion of the neroli adds a fruity sweetness that makes this one of Lush's most interesting 'pink smells'. When compared to its older sibling, I feel as if the new bomb is both stronger in scent and in sweetness: it is definitely more fruity before and during use. 

Although there is also lavender absolute in this product as well, I find that this has the smallest impact over all. You can smell a very gentle lavender fragrance underneath the other elements, but it's very subtle, and not an ingredient you'd necessarily list as being featured, unless you were told it was present to begin with.
In the water, the bath bomb is a fairly silent fizzer - emitting waves of thick, frothy white foam that ebbs and swirls across the surface. Alongside this, trails of pink begin to taint the water a beautiful pastel pink colour, and clusters of vibrant, colourful bubbles settle in puddles around the tub.

As the bath bomb continues to dissolve, the core reveals itself to be a sparkly silver layer of lustre. While you cannot really detect this lustre while the ballistic is showcasing its magic, you will definitely be able to enjoy it afterwards, as it pulsates under the surface whenever the water is disturbed.

All in all, Think Pink takes a good five to ten minutes to fully dissolve, leaving  you with a wonderfully rich and very sultry smelling bath to enjoy. The fragrance was present throughout the whole experience, making it much more effective than its predecessor, and I found that my skin felt wonderfully soft and clean afterwards. Furthermore, I was able to detect a very slight lasting aroma on my skin once I had towelled myself down. However, it wasn't anywhere near as strong as I would have liked, and I wasn't able to smell it an hour later.    
What is great about this reimagined product is that I feel as if both the scent and the design offer a much more mature experience for the consumer. Think Pink makes a much stronger impression, both visually and sensually, and I would be far more inclined to pick one of these up regularly, if they replaced the smaller ballistic. 

Quantitative Ingredients: ?

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £4.25 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.

Scent Family: 
My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar
Pink Custard Shower Jelly
Think Pink Bath Bomb

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