27 July 2017

Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel

Despite my aversion to the colder weather,  there has always been something about Christmas that has excited me and drawn me in. The festive season, including all of the wonder smells that I associate with the month of December, are part of that magic, and probably play a bigger role in my celebrations than I even realise myself.

However, when I first gave Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel a sniff, my immediate thought was that this was not a festive fragrance at all. In fact, this was a scent that I'd expect Lush to bring out during the hottest months of the year - not one I fancied cozying up with on a bitterly-cold winter morning, when I'm struggling to get myself ready for work.

It's safe to say that multiple showers later this limited edition has grown on me significantly, and I now recognise the shower gel for what it is: a scent that is designed to compliment the colder weather as opposed to banishing it altogether.

Packed full of fruity goodness, this seasonal delight boats a cranberry infusion as its base ingredient - a component that not only creates a dry and rather tart aroma, but also offers many wonderful antioxidants to cleanse your skin with - leaving it feeling wonderfully fresh for the rest of the day. A combination of both orange and bergamot oil brings out the citrus element of all three ingredients, while the latter oil also offers a note of green that wraps itself around the fruity fragrance.

While it appears to offer a unique smell, that is only replicated by the naked version of the shower gel, Berry Berry Christmas is very similar in scent to that of Ocean Salt. There is something very crisp about it that awakens and intensifies your senses in the shower. Yet there is also something quite simplistic about the aroma as well. It's one of those smells that leaves you feeling really clean because it's very light, but equally as invigorated.

Much like the naked edition, this bottle of seasonal goodness offers a wonderfully rich emerald-esque coat: one that shimmers in the bottle and produces a gorgeously rich and fluffy lather in the shower. This is perhaps one of Lush's thickest shower gels: it's one that when you squeeze it out, it appears almost like a rubber band, and it'll shoot straight back into the bottle if you don't transfer it onto a hand or a loofer. 

As I said above, you really don't need very much at all to create a thick, fluffy and very fragrant foam to wash yourself with, so this shower gel should see you far longer than some of the runnier ones on offer. In comparison to the naked version, I would expect a 250g bottle of this to be used up a little quicker than the solid edition. However, there are a few other differences between the two that should be noted, when making a choice on which one to go for.   

From experience, I felt as if this version had a stronger, more vibrant fruity aroma. While the naked edition does offer the same smell, I felt as if it was a little more reserved than the liquid edition. For this reason, I found that Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel left less of an impression on skin - probably because the fragrance wasn't as compact as the naked edition, therefore it 'escaped' far quicker.

Secondly, I felt as if this version was not as moisturising as its naked sibling. While my skin felt soft, smooth and clean after my shower, it didn't appear to be as well-nourished as the solid version left me. Having said this, I did prefer using this liquid gel more because I felt as if I got a better experience of the aroma whilst I was in the shower. 

Overall, I think this is a lovely edition to the Christmas range, and definitely something very different to the usual scents that Lush offer at this time of the year. This is one that I would buy again in the future, and it would be good to see a bath bomb or bubble bar in this scent, in the near future.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cranberry Infusion, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Glycerine, Water (Aqua), Lauryl Betaine, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Fresh Blueberry Juice, Bergamot Oil, Olive Leaf Absolute, Cornstarch, Lactic Acid, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Perfume, *Limonene, *Linalool, *Citral, Colour 42090.

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £11.95 for 250g, £19.95 for 500g.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.

Scent Family:
Berry Berry Christmas Naked Shower Gel
Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel
Revelations Bath Oil


  1. it smells like one of the shower roulades, enzymic or the purple one that looked like a human organ... don't rememeber the name, it had blueberries in it and something else, I think it's been discontinued.

  2. I miss this blog