All of the cocktails on this page have been suggested to me by other Lushies. I have not been responsible for naming or creating any of the cocktails and credit has been given when and where it's due. Click on the names to see reviews, videos and extensive pictures of each and every one of these cocktails. 


  1. Replies
    1. "Strawberry and Orange"
      1/4 Peeping Santa bubble bar
      1/4 Brightside
      Roller Bath Bomb
      Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

    2. Skittles
      1/4 Comforter Bubble Bar
      1/4 Brightside Bubble Bar
      1/4 Karma Bubble Bar
      This cocktail smells a lot like skittles, almost so good you could eat it! D:

  2. Love looking at all these cocktails ! So fun mixing products to creat something new

  3. I just brainstormed this cocktail and I'd like to share it with you :)
    Its called "Violet Skies"
    -Violet Nights Bath Oil
    -Bathos bubble bar (This is preferred, but a chunk of Ultraviolet will suffice)
    -And lastly a Big Blue bath bomb!
    This is a simple cocktail designed to help you relax and unwind. :)

  4. Hi, posting here now which hopefully is the right place!

    I've got a lovely cocktail that goes along with this flowery smelling post. I adore rose smells and I think it's just absolutely so luxurious.

    Name: Wild Rose
    1/2 Rose Jam Bubbleroon (I have a small tub, adjust accordingly)
    A few squeezes of Rose Jam Shower Gel
    1/2 Dragon's Egg (or full, again adjust accordingly).
    1/2 a Rose Queen is optional if you want to introduce some lovely petals to the bath as well!

    The Dragon's Egg really brings out the lemon in the bubbleroon and shower gel. It also has beautiful glitter so what more could you ask for?!

    Bonus: Finish up with a rinse in the shower using Ro's Argan Body Conditoner and then Pearl Massage Bar for unbelievably silky and luxuriously scented skin.

  5. Its A Citrus Thing:

    1 Avobath
    1/2 You've Been Mangoed
    1/4 Sunnyside
    1/4 Brightside
    4 Squeezes Of Happy Hippy
    It is optional to wash with Happy Hippy or Avoshower

  6. Lord of the Jungle

    For this shower cocktail you'll need:
    - Sugar Scrub
    - Lord of Misrule shower cream
    - Tropical Jungle body lotion.
    Have a nice shower. ;)
    Eris Onfnord ( )

    1. Tip: replace the sugar scrub with the rough with the smooth scrub. It has the same scent as lord of misrule :)

  7. Sweet as Apple Pie

    For this cocktail you will need:
    1 Phoenix Rising
    1 So white
    1/2 lonely hearts bubbleroom (optional)
    So white shower gel for bubbles (optional)
    love soap

    My email:

  8. Fresh and Green:
    Guardians of the Forest bath bomb
    1/2 or a whole Grass Bubble Bar
    1 You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil

    Super bright green bath thats refreshing and awakening!

    Misha xx

  9. Lumpy Space Lemonade (name is kinda irrelevant, but it makes sense at the same time) add in the order listed
    *the sun bath oil
    *whole avo bath bath bomb
    *1/2 nothernlight bath bomb
    *1/2 karma bubble bar (new oxford street, the color makes a difference)
    *1/2 mumkin bubble bar
    *3-4 cubes of refresher jelly


  10. Lumpy Space Lemonade (name is kinda irrelevant, but it makes sense at the same time) add in the order listed
    *the sun bath oil
    *whole avo bath bath bomb
    *1/2 nothernlight bath bomb
    *1/2 karma bubble bar (new oxford street, the color makes a difference)
    *1/2 mumkin bubble bar
    *3-4 cubes of refresher jelly


  11. I wasn't sure where to leave my cocktail, so I'll put it here.

    My roommate loves masculine smells. This is my play on her favorite cocktail, I changed a few items and really enjoy this one.

    "Wolves at Night"

    *lashings of violet nights oil
    *lashings of blue skies liquid bubble bath or part of a blue skies bubble bar
    *lashings of tramp or supertramp
    *piece of party on shower jelly used for bubbles

    1. I have all of these... and am totally trying this

  12. lemonade laugh time:
    honey bee bath bomb
    yuzu and coaca
    ceridwens cauldron

  13. Calling this one

    Sweet Clementine;
    (Perfect for a pick me up or just a boost and moisturising too!)

    Start with a little bit of water and let about 3/4 (change this as you wish) of Melting Marshmallow Moment melt and make your bath super soft.

    Then add in 1/2 (though I used all of it for a really bright colour) of Sunny side bubble bar

    And once your settled in the bath, add in 1 Dragons Egg bath bomb for a super skin - softening, super citrusy and yet really sweet bath!

    Enjoy Lushies!!

  14. Berry Bubbly Bath-time:
    -1/3 Comforter Bubble Bar
    -Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil
    -1 Blackberry Bath Bomb
    -Chunk of Respect Yours Elders soap

  15. Came up with this one earlier today, thought I'd share!

    Lushie's Chocolate Orange

    - 1 Golden Egg Bath Bomb
    - 1/2 Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
    - 1/2 Ma Bar Bubble Bar
    - 1 Orange Blossom Bath Oil
    - Lashings of Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel
    - Wash with either Heavenly Bodies or Almond Buttercream
    - Finish with The Sun Perfume

    Hope you like it if you try it! :)

  16. Hi! I'm Veronica, an italian lushie who really loves this blog!! Since the first time I saw this page on your blog, I've been inspired to try a new experience making my cocktail with Lush products and now here is my receip for you.."Citrusy South Pole"

    - a slice of red Fun to melt in the bathtub
    - 1 Rimpinguin
    - 1/2 Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
    - From Dusk 'til Dawn to use after bath

    Try it out, I really enjoy this citrusy and sweet cocktail :)
    I haven't tried to add You've Been Mangoed yet, but I think it can work well with this cockatil

    1. It's recipe instead of receipt, sorry xD
      Rimpinguin in english was The Christmas Penguin

  17. This one I call Fairy Drink (because of the amazing glittery water)
    -Blackberry Bath Bomb
    -Flowering Tea Bubble Bar
    -1/2 sunnyside bubble bar
    -1/2 Floating Island Bath Melt

  18. I call mine Pack on the Patchouli
    -Skydancer bath bomb
    -1/8 or 1/6 of Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds
    -LOM shower cream
    -Karma Kream body lotion

  19. Ooh, I can't wait to try Ultra Spectrum!

    BTW, I've developed some of my own.

    Pulp Fiction (Mrs. Mia Wallace's Bath)

    -Lonely Hearts Bath Bomb
    -1/2 of Pop in the Bath

    Under the Milky Way

    Tanzanite Dream

    -Ne Worry Pas
    -Violet Nights Bath Oil


    -Tisty Totsy

  20. I have another one.

    Under the Milky Way

    -One whole Wizard bubble bar
    -One whole Star Light Star light bath melt

  21. I've got another one. This is my bathing tribute to the Doors.

    Riders on the Storm

    -One Divination Bubble Bar
    -One Hippy Chick Bath Bomb
    -Lashings of Happy Hippy Shower Gel

  22. Back to a Fairytale

    1. Lord of Misrule bath bomb
    1. Christmas Penguin bubble bar or, if you don't have this one, lashings of The Olive Branch(same perfume)
    Sympathy for the Skin


  23. Orange you glad...
    -1/3 Sunnyside bubble bar
    -1 Dashing santa ballistic
    -Snowman shower jelly (could use carrot soap instead but this is more fun!)

  24. Christmas cake

    Magic of christmas bubble bar (lots)
    1/2 a butterbear
    1 snow angel melt.
    (I personally added a cinders too, because i really like SUPER spicy stuff. I also used Buche de noel and Hsuan wen Hua, but i know HWH isnt vegan :C)

  25. I realized I made a mistake with one of my concoctions in a earlier posting. Here is the real version.

    Pulp Fiction (Mrs. Mia Wallace's Bath)

    -1/2 of a Lonely Hearts Bubble Bar
    -1 Sex Bomb

  26. Strawberry Tree :)

    You will need:

    Strawberry Twin Tub (a good blob)
    Santa's Belly (a good blob)
    1/6 of a Strawberry Feels Forever
    So White (whole)
    Yummy Yummy Yummy SG

    Run the jelly blobs under the tap in a sieve for bubbles, add the Strawberry Feels and So White. Lashings of YYY for washing. Enjoy!



  27. Tori5 November 2015 at 14:54
    I have a great cocktail for your contest thing I want you to try!!
    1 Lord of Misrule
    1 Ceridwens Cauldron
    1 minute of Divination bubble bar
    Lashings of Don't Rain on my Parade
    Soften skin with Rough with the Smooth

    My name is Tori and my email address is

    I hope you enjoy this even if I don't win

  28. Mermaid on the Moon:
    1 Intergalactic bath bomb
    1 Big Bang bubble bar
    1 Razzle Dazzle bath oil
    I recommend using Beautiful shower gel and Maypole soap with this combination!

  29. Fresh Minty Forest Breeze

    1 Big Blue
    1 Intergalactic
    1 Guardians of the Forest
    1/2 Yoga Bomb
    1 Delight Bath Oil

    I'm not sure if all vegan and its great with Lashings of Dirty Springwash Shower Gel.

    Love your account btw xox

  30. Ashura

    1 Wizard's Hate Bubble Bar
    1 Ginger Bath Oil

    I can't wait to experience this. I can envision the Ginger Bath Oil floating across the surface of the water like the sun traveling through the sky....ahhhh.......

    1. The bath's actual name is Arusha. I should spell check more thoroughly.

  31. Butter and Jam

    1 Yog Nog Bath Bomb
    1 The Sun Bath Oil
    1 Orange Blossom Bath Oil
    Snowman Shower Jelly

    This cocktail offers some great nourishing oil for our skins in winter when it gets a little too drying. Uplifting the spicy, buttery scent from the Yog Nog Bath Bomb, the citrusy fragrance from the two bath oils works wonder in the bath. From my experience, I'd sometimes bring in my Snowman Shower Jelly, break up a small chunk and work up a lather in the loofa. This very floral scent is perfect for a strong, lingering but soft smell on your skin. Imagine this very cocktail as a breakfast you would want on a winter's morning: some butter and jam on toast, and a cup of nice, warm tea with 2 sugar cubes. Mhm!

  32. Antarctic Circle

    1/2 Bubbling Under Bubble Bar (or Green Fun)
    One Big Blue Bath Bomb
    One Snow Melt Bath Melt

    I recommend washing up with Northern Lights Soap for a truly polar experience!

  33. Instagram: tlttme

    Beautiful Sunny Wonder

    x1 Sunnyside
    x1 Golden Wonder
    Lashings of Beautiful Shower Gel

  34. Christmas Fudge:
    1 Yog Nog
    1/4 Gold Fun
    1/5 Floating Island (Because your skin can never be too soft)

    It's a beautiful and softening light gold bath. Your skin will not be softer! And the smell lingers for so long. My pillow case smelled of it until I changed it the next week.

  35. I have a cocktail!
    1/2 French Kiss Bubble Bar
    1 Twilight Bath Bomb
    1 Dreamtime Bath Melt
    Use Dream Cream Body Lotion after :)
    I feel this would really help to relax you and help you if you have trouble sleeping/ want a good nights sleep!

  36. I think you will love this one!
    I call it Christmas dessert cocktail
    You need:
    A gold ring
    Some magic of Christmas wand
    A small peace of gold fun
    1/2 lush pud (snowcake, just to clarify)
    1/2 Yog Nog bomb
    Snowcake shower gel
    But he de Noel cleanser :P


  37. Yaszay's sleepy cocktail ( I have many variations of this but this is my favourite)
    You have probably seen on my IG how much I love a sleepy lush cocktail, they are awesome especially if you have trouble switching off and sleeping.
    So, you need:
    Some relaxing music
    No lights
    Just a candle
    1/2 unicorn horn
    Squirt of black pearl
    Squirt of twilight
    ( I usually make bath art out of them three before running the bath)
    A twilight bath bomb
    1/4-1/2 ceridwens cauldron
    Deep sleep jelly to wash with
    Snuggle body butter just before you get out
    Once out you need a spritz of twilight perfume and dream time temple balm
    Get strait into bed
    Off to sleep you go !!
    Wishing I had had this cocktail tonight lol then I wouldn't be awake at 1am writing lush cocktails lmao

  38. Hello! Here is a cocktail for all you sweet vanilla lovers!

    It's A Sweet Life

    1 Butterball Bath Bomb
    1/2 of a MMMelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt
    3-4 Lashings of Snow Fairy
    A small chunk of Pink Fun for more bubbles (optional)
    Afterwards, you can use...
    Fairy Dust Dusting Powder (optional)
    Vanilla Dee Lite Body Lotion (if you happen to have a bottle)


  39. Here's a cocktail for sweet lovers that want a relaxing and beautiful bath with a gorgeous yet not overpowering sweet scent.

    Candy Store
    1/2 candy mountain bubble bar
    1 shoot for the stars bath bomb
    1 floating island
    Honey I washed the kids shower gel ( optional)

    Creates a beautiful, deep purple bath that is calming and sweet, and softens the skin.
    Enjoy :)


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  41. just tried this cocktail and am soooo in love:


    -1 milky bath bubble bar
    -1 blackberry bath bomb
    -sultana of soap (optional)

    simple, fruity, and relaxing. sultana of soap makes for extra bergamot fruityness c:

  42. when i was home for christmas i pulled together two cocktails i loved a lot!

    the first one is really simple, and i'll just call this one "tutti frutti".
    - use a magic wand (or snow fairy shower gel could work?) for bubbles
    - use some from dusk 'til dawn massage bar as a bath melt
    - throw in a happy pill bath bomb

    and you're done! not only did it perk up my spirits and leave the water a gorgeous colour, the smell clung to my skin like you wouldn't believe! in fact (probably because i had my bath before i went to bed) i found that the smell had clung to my sheets even a few days afterwards!

    the next one, i'll call "magical momints"

    - magic wand again (or snow fairy for bubbles)
    - some magic of christmas fun to wash up with (i recommend using the blue part to keep the colour of the water pretty!)
    - magic bath bomb
    - and half a haagenbath to sweeten things up

    ...actually, i'd be interested in knowing your verdict on a lovely shower i had before i went home before christmas! i simply used peppermint bark to scrub, b electro to wash and then christingle and i found that the scents surprisingly complimented each other massively. i can't for the life of me think of a name though so i'll just call it "neon showers" i guess? :p OH! "a splash of neon"! yes, i'll go with that haha.

    as for crediting purposes, it's amy again :-) the one who put together 'the great british bathe off'!

  43. The Lord of Pepper Roses

    1 Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb
    1 Delight Bath oil (brings out the pepper)
    Few dashings of Lord of Misrule Shower Cream
    Few dashings of Rose Jam (Sweetens everything and helps bring out the citrusy element in Delight)
    I personally would also add a bit of the bubbleroon because it's hard to make bubbles in my water. It would also sweeten it a bit more.

  44. floating citrus

    1 dragon's egg bath bomb
    1 rose jam bubble roon
    1 floating island bath melt or oil

    Half of each can be used if need be :)

  45. Go The Fuck To Sleep Cocktail:

    1 Golden Wonder Bathbomb
    1/2 Unicorn Horn Bathbomb
    A few squares of Deep Sleep Shower jelly
    Lashings of Twilight Shower Gel.

    Rub dream time temple balm onto wrists and temples for added relaxation :)

  46. Happy Chocolates
    3/4 unicorn horn bubble bar
    1 butterball bath bomb

  47. A Serendipiditously Wicked French Kiss at Twilight ... Then Off to Bed:

    1/2 Something Wicked Bath Melt
    1 French Kiss Bubble Bar
    A little Twilight Shower Gel
    Latherings under the bath tap from Serendipity soap

    Guaranteed to knock you out for the night!

  48. Sparkling under the Sun spring walk
    1/2 green bubbleroon - a crisp dewy field
    A sprinkling of light - Sunnyside - a sprinkling of light
    Sakura - the first scent of spring blossom
    1/2 Butterball
    & finally a silky slice of Earl Grey massage bar - a lovely afternoon tea

    Makes you feel like skipping through the long grass without a care and a big grin on your face

  49. Citrus Castle:
    1/2 of a sunny side bubble bar
    lashings of prince charming shower gel
    1 dragons bath bomb
    1/3 of a floating islands bath melt

    This is a beautiful, shimmery, citrus bath with a medieval twist.

    -Abby Asimos

  50. Christmas nights:
    - YogNog bath ballistic
    - Holly go lightly bubble bar

    This is a simple but amazing scented bath for anyone who likes more of a
    "spicy" scent. I tried this a few nights ago and the bath ballistic and the bubble bar combined made my skin feel so smooth (especially since YogNog has a bath melt in the center) and also filling my whole house with a gorgeous aroma!

  51. candy carnival:
    - 1 PINK bath ballistic
    - 1/2 melting marshmallow moments
    - 1 creamy candy bubble bar

    This bath cocktail is perfect for anyone who likes sweet scents! I took this bath about a week ago and I remember it being so nourishing and delicious as well! It had a very sweet candy scent that reminded me of summer nights at the state carnival, eating cotton candy with my girlfriends. This bath cocktail is perfect because it doesn't include any limited edition items, so it can be used all year round!

  52. Lucid Lavender Dreams:
    - 1 dream time bath melt/oil
    - 1/2 french kiss bubble bar
    - 1 sex bomb

    Lavender and jasmine calms the mind and the body; perfect before going to bed! I put sex bomb instead of twilight because I didn't want the WHOLE bath cocktail to smell like lavender (even though it is more lavender themed than jasmine, hence the title) since the point is to mix scents to create a new one, so I think that sex bomb would be the best choice. This scent combination smells absolutely DIVINE and I was out like a light after I used it!

    1. I had a stressful day at work today and this honestly smelled amazing and knocked me out after! thank you so much

  53. Candy Coated Rose
    -1/2 of a creamy candy bubble bar
    -3-5 squirts of rose jam shower gel
    -1/2 of mmm melting marshmallow moment
    - 1 titsy totsy bath bomb

    -Abby Asimos

  54. This is a cocktail i have just tried, it sounds weird because of the products i used but surprisingly it's actually nice! I didn't think it would smells as nice as it did!

    Sparkly Violet Night:
    -1/2 of a Sunnyside bubble bar
    -1/2 of Ne Worry Pas
    - a couple of squirts of Violet Nights Bath Oil.


  55. A Very Rosey Day:
    -1 Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
    -Half a Rose Jam Bubbleroon
    -lashings of Rose Jam Shower gel


  56. We made an amazing cocktail at work today (we're in a USA shop) while attempting to create black water that we couldn't help but share! It turns a beautiful shade of green somewhere between Emerald and Teal.

    1- Guardian of the Forest
    1- Intergalactic
    1/4 or 1/3- Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds BB
    1/3 or 1/2- Ladybird

    We haven't named it entirely, it's either Demon's Blood or Forest Floor at Dusk. There's still a debate.


  57. good pepperminty mixture? i love peppermint smells! Intergalactic is amazing

  58. name: 4th july
    1 im 10 bubble bar
    1 twinkle bath bomb
    1 twilight bath bomb
    lashings of its raining men shower gel
    to wash: american pie shower jelly

  59. We Must Tend Our Garden

    1/2 of Lady Bug Bubble Bar
    1 Rose Bombshell
    1 Razzle Dazzle

    1. We Must Tend our Garden (Kitchen Version)

      1 Pleasure Dough
      1 Sparkler

  60. Blackberry Harvest-
    1 blackberry bath bomb
    1/2 ultraviolet bubble bar
    1 razzle dazzle bath melt
    -lashings of LOM shower gel
    -lashings of don't rain on my parade shower gel

  61. Hi there!

    Not sure if anyone has tried this and I know it seems weird but:
    Lord of Misrule shower cream and Freeze shower gel combined!!
    I tried it on a whim and it was amazing. You could also try it with Dirty Springwash but I'll have to give that a try next time. :)

  62. Hiya! I have a cocktail too that I wouldn't mind sharing:

    Sunset Soirée:
    1/2 Karma bubble bar
    Some of The Magic of Christmas bubble bar
    1/2 Sunnyside bubble bar

    I love this so much I always use it. Your bath turns this amazing pink/orange coral color and it just smells so good and you just want to stay in it forever. Sometimes I add in a little bit of managoed or razzle dazzle for a layer of fruitiness, and after it your skin just feels heavenly. Yoga bomb also works well with this if you want to try it.

  63. Me again, just wanted to put out this other cocktail

    1 Sex Bomb
    1/2 bar of candy-scented bubbles (can be snow fairy, candy mountain, or creamy candy, depends on your preference ;-)
    Lashings of Twilight shower gel

    I also sometimes like to use Mmmelting Marshmallow or Floating Island with this one, which can make it more of a sweet bath. Depending on how you go with it, this can be soothing/floral or sweet, but I like to keep it at a combination. Enjoy!

  64. Something I tried out today and really enjoyed?
    Bad Karma
    -1/4 Karma Bubble Bar
    -1 Monsters Ball Bath Bomb
    -Plum Rain Shower Gel
    Citrusy with a hint of earthiness
    (turns the bath a beautiful dark purple with a wonderful relaxing scent)
    Also used President's Hat Perfume afterwards to compliment the patchouli)