22 August 2015

Lush Cocktail: Anything Off The Trolley, Dear?

Anonymous' 'Anything Off The Trolley, Dear?' Cocktail




There seems to be a general theme in our house when it comes to Harry Potter: when you run out of topics to talk about, it's a safe bet that if you move onto the boy wizard, you'll extend the conversation by about 3-4 hours. We can never get enough of it, which is why I was overly excited about trying out one of the many inspired cocktails that you lovely folk have suggested to me. 

For those who have never delved into the fictional world of Hogwarts, you probably have no idea where this reference comes from. However, for fans of the series, you'll know only too well that 'Anything off the trolley, dear?' is a reference to the very beginning, when Harry is first on his way to the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry - an almost haunting memory when you think about how much things change within the space of a year. 

This cocktail is made up of wonderfully sweet things - a homage to the magical and rather scrumptious looking sweet trolley that satisfied the appetites of both Harry and Ron on the way to Hogwarts, and no doubt served to 'bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses' of every fan with a sweet tooth, if you know what I mean. 

Shaking things up a little, I first let lose the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil into the water. As I'd never used one of these before, I wanted to experience it by itself, and marvelled as the popular Snow Fairy scent filled the air and gorgeous swirls of pink and gold began to decorate the surface of the water.

While this recipe calls for the original melt, I decided to use this and found it supplied the same amount of scent and essential oils as its older sibling. I would imagine that a chunk of the bigger melt would probably influence the colour of this bath a little more, but either works well in this cocktail.   

It was then that I crumbled first the Sunnyside Bubble Bar and then the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar under the running tap. The former gave the bath a lovely golden colouring, offered up a wonderful amount of sparkly golden lustre and inserted a note of sweet, orangey goodness; the latter darkened the water a little and offered another burst of sugary sweetness. 

While these two products probably wouldn't work together by themselves, and Sunnyside stood out like a sore thumb a little, I did like that I kept getting bursts of citrus when I was bathing in the water and this only served to make me realise that it plays a vital part in making this as wonderful as it turned out to be.

Next up I added in my small half of Blackberry Bath Bomb - a product that I was initially unimpressed with but has since gone on to become a firm favourite in my household. This gave the bath a rich and very sweet aroma that moved the cocktail away from simply being another candy-esque one and gave it more complexity and depth, which I appreciated. 

Finally I threw in the Think Pink Bath Bomb - a vanilla and neroli offering that gave a wonderful display on the surface and presented yet another layer of gorgeous scent to enjoy. 

I can really see where the inspiration for this has come from and I appreciated the fact that it was Harry Potter inspired - simply because it made it even more magical in the water. The water was silky soft, the fragrance was strong enough to see me through the whole bath, and while the bubbles eventually fizzled away, the wonderful sparkly water indulged me until the very end. 

'Anything Off The Trolley, Dear?'. Yes! Another one of these cocktails would be rather lovely, thank you!

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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