27 February 2013

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Back when I was first getting into Lush, I could not contain myself whenever I knew that this shower gel was being re-released. What used to be my all time favourite cosmetic, Snow Fairy Shower Gel was one of the first items to get investing 'regularly' in Lush. This limited edition shower gel was and still is only sold for a short time during the winter months and is Lush's Christmas bestseller, as well as being one of their most popular products ever.

This gorgeous bright pink gel is decorated with glittery, blue iridescent sparkles that often fall to the bottom of the bottle so be sure to give it a good shake before using it. While this is distinctively Lush, it is so unlike most of their other products, and it wouldn't seem out of place in your local boots, next door to the famously-pink Soap and Glory Range
However, what sets this product apart from the usual hum-drum of beauty products, is its smell. Lush describe this product as a 'shower hair and body gel that's bursting with fruit fragrance, not your classic hippy dippy Lush herbal offering. Instead it is an intensely sweet, fruity pink shower gel loved by people everywhere.' 

It is described on the bottle as "candy floss and pear drops" and that is exactly what it smells like! It is ridiculously sweet smelling - a mixture of candy floss, bubblegum, pear drops and sugary goodness that would reek havoc on your teeth, were you supposed to eat it (and I'm sure you've all been tempted!).

What is great about this product is that it is so versatile - Snow Fairy can be used as both a shower gel and shampoo, and it works wonders in both of these areas. The shower gel is quite creamy and lathers up really well, releasing even more of that great scent as it mixes with the steam from the shower. The gel then leaves a gorgeous smell that lingers on your skin and in the air for hours after use. 
Despite this product containing glitter, don't be put off using this as a shampoo - it's not the sort that sticks to your skin or hair. On the rare occasion I have used this on my locks, I haven't detected any sort of lustre debris left in afterwards, which was a relief.
Overall, this is an amazingly beautiful product. It lathers up perfectly, moisturises my body and leaves my skin feeling so luxurious and loved that I cannot help but leave the shower in a great mood. I cannot fault this product in the slightest, and I urge you to try a bottle for yourself. If you've not experienced it yet, you may just be missing out on a good thing. 
Quantitative Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Propylene Glycol, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, *Lactic Acid, Synthetic Musk, Titanium Dioxide, Blue Glitter (Polyethylene Terephthalate), Methyl Lonone, Benzyl Benzoate, Colour 45410, Colour 45380, Methylparaben.

Vegan?: Yes

2014 Price: £3.75 for 100g, £7.50 for 250g, £11.95 for 500g.
2015 Price: £3.95 for 100g, £7.95 for 250g, £12.75 for 500g, £21.50 for 1kg.

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  1. I love your blog and how eloquently you describe the products, great work!! I have a question for you about the shower gels. Would you say that Snow Fairy is the most moisturizing shower gel? If not, which one is in your opinion?

    1. Hi there- thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to give me feedback - it's very much appreciated. I would definitely say that Snow Fairy is one of the most moisturising, although it's not the most effective. Out of experience, I would say that their limited edition 'Black Pearl' shower gel (of which my review is coming shortly) makes my skin the softness and nicest feeling. Out of the shower gels currently available from Lush, The Olive Branch is probably the best. Although it's rather watery, it does make my skin feel so moisturised and velvety soft. I hope this helps :)

    2. Also now there are shower creams that are much more moisturizing than shower gels. Hope that helps :)

    3. Also now there are shower creams that are much more moisturizing than shower gels. Hope that helps :)

  2. Thank you Jen!

  3. Couldn't have described it any better. This is my favourite shower gel ever. I need to stock up every winter so I get to use it all year round x

  4. I guess I'm the only person who doesn't like it :( It's overly sweet to me. Might try to get a sample and see if it tones down a bit after washing, just like Nightwing was very strong in tub but not so bad in wash.

  5. You're not alone, Miina! It's the kind of sickly-sweet smell that I find nauseating. Each to his own.

  6. I really do not get why people like this product and I am a huge fan of everything sweet. I love antyhings that smells like candies, vanilla and fruits... but this just smells like an aggressive bubblegum.

    1. Totally agree. I don't get it. The smell is gross.

  7. I personally LOVE this product, one of my faves for sure! I guess everybody likes different things. Great review btw! x

  8. I actually received this in a gift set and hated it. I recently exchanged it for Rainbow FUN :) To me, it smells like cherry cough syrup.