20 November 2014

Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter

I really had no idea what to expect when I first ordered myself one of these body butters. Having tried both Buffy and You Snap The Whip, both of which offered completely different experiences, I had no preconceived ideas about what this particular product could or could not do. Either way, I was excited to try it out.

Aqua Mirabilis is not the most attractive of Lush products - in fact, it is this precise reason why it has taken me so long to test out all of the other solid body butters that are currently available. Alongside the less than attractive smell that comes with this product, it was not at the top of my list of 'must have' items. What a fool I have been.
What initially intrigued me about this particular body butter, was it's short but rather interesting ingredients list. Comprised of both cocoa butter and almond butter, Aqua reads just like any other body bar from Lush. However, it is the inclusion of ground almond shells that interested me the most. It is not often that you see shells being used as a key ingredient in a cosmetic, and it was this that finally convinced me to give it a chance. 

In it's solid form, this body bar smells very much like Buffy - a strange and subtle nutty sort of smell that probably wouldn't win any awards for most interesting scent. However, it is while this product is in use that it's wonderful scent comes through. When the heat of the shower intertwines itself with this body butter, you begin to get a gorgeous aroma that is very similar to the smell of freshly made porridge - a naturally sweet fragrance that reminded me a little of Digestive biscuits and Hobnobs. It's beautiful. 

To use, I would recommend that you lather this all over your body just before you're planning on exiting the shower. Try to keep the bar away from the flow of the water as you don't want it too wet - this body bar will disappear rather quickly if it's exposed to too much water. I tend to step outside the spray of the water when I apply this bar, rubbing my skin in a circular motion to remove stubborn skin and stimulate blood circulation just below the surface. Then simply rinse off and pat yourself down as per usual.
Unlike all of the other body butters that I have tried before this one, Aqua Mirabilis works well as an exfoliator, and it is thanks to the almond shells, that give it a rough exterior, that help to scrub away dead or dry skin cells. Furthermore, this body bar doesn't leave behind a greasy layer on your skin - something that I found a little off-putting when it came to Buffy.

As soon as you rinse this away, your body is left feeling beautifully soft and there's a slight glow to your skin, which is lovely. Although the homely smell of this didn't remain on my skin once I have towelled myself down, the effects of it remained with me for the entirety of the day. I found myself constantly stroking my arms to marvel at how smooth and gorgeous they felt.

The only negative aspect of Aqua Mirabilis is the fact that it's one of the quickest-dissolving body butters I have tried so far. Even after my attempts to keep this away from the flow of my shower, it still only gave me six uses, which means that it would be quite expensive if I was to use this regularly.
At £6.50 for a 95g bar, this is a product that I have to limit myself when using. If it was up to me, I would use this most mornings before I went to work, paying particular attention to the dry areas on my hands and feet. However, unless I skip a meal or two, I cannot afford to spend close to £30 a month on this. This is a shame as it is one of my favourite products from Lush.

Despite the price tag, I would recommend that if you're thinking of purchasing a body bar, make it this one, and be prepared to have wonderfully nourished and conditioned skin that you feel proud of. I highly recommend this. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Almond Butter, Laureth 4, Ground Almond Shells, Sandalwood Oil, Rose Absolute, Lilial.

Vegan?: Yes.

2014 Price: £6.50 each.
2016 Price: £3.95 each.


  1. Hi, I love Aqua Mirabilis too. What I do to keep it longer is to cut it in four pieces. Every piece lasts me 4 to 5 uses.

  2. I got a sample sent to me but was using as a massage bar lol. Oopsies. It smells amazing :) They had best not discontinue this now I have just found it! I'll cry my heart out :D

  3. I don't feel that the moisturizing or scent is as good as Buffy. I can see why they are discontinuing it.

    1. Oh no! See I find Buffy to be too greasy whereas this one is not for me - each to their own I guess :)

  4. Aqua Mirabilis is for me their BEST product. The smell is heavenly nutty and it leaves the skin feeling really smooth. It was my favorite product. It is really a shame that they are discontinuing it.

  5. Aqua Mirabilis is for me their BEST product. The smell is heavenly nutty and it leaves the skin feeling really smooth. It was my favorite product. It is really a shame that they are discontinuing it.