23 January 2016

Lush Cocktail: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Destiny's 'Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy' Cocktail


Lashings Of Rose Jam Shower Gel



There are times when I feel a sugar craving coming on - whether it's after a rather stressful day at work or just on one of the rare occasions when I fancy something sweet rather than my usual savoury snack. In these times, I know it's not wise to reach for the candy - mostly because I end up eating too many and getting sensitive teeth for the next few consecutive days. 

When these feelings transpire, I often opt for a sweet and fruity bath to satisfy my cravings without sabotaging my teeth or my healthy diet. The other day I found myself flicking through my cocktail book, looking for the bath cocktail that would take my mind off of the strawberry laces that my flatmate was eating at the time. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy was the result of this find.

This simple and very affordable bath cocktail features only three ingredients. However, two thirds of this recipe relies on products that are not available regularly, so this might appeal to those who have a few old items lying around and don't quite know how they wish to use them. 

To being with, I crumbled the Comforter Bubble Bar under the running tap, and immediately my mouth began to salivate at the strong, fruity blackcurrant aroma that engulfed my senses and filled the bathroom with its wonderful aroma. This classic bubble bar is easily one of my all tome favourites, and I cannot imagine any cocktail being all that bad if this is one of the ingredients. 

As to be expected, the bar turned the water a pretty pastel pink colour and filled the tub with fluffy, fragrant bubbles. As it's one of the more moisturising bubble bars as well, the water gave off a beautiful shimmer and felt silky-smooth as Iran my hand underneath the surface. 

Next I added in a good many squirts of Rose Jam Shower Gel. If you prefer the floral scent to the fruity, I suggest a good 2-3 squirts will help to make this the most dominating component of the cocktail; if you're more of a Comforter person, you might want to reduce this down to 1-2 smaller ones and allow the bubble bar to take centre stage. Rose Jam not only softened the water even further, but also added another helping of gorgeous bubbles to cocoon yourself within.

Finally, I threw in the piece of Northern Lights and watched as the limited edition ballistic frothed on the surface and gave off a wonderful, light jasmine aroma. In all fairness, I found that you could almost exclude this latter ingredient if you didn't have it, as I found it was the weakest out of the three products. However, I did enjoy watching it intertwine with the bubbles as it is the most visually beautiful out of the three products. 

What Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy created for me was a bath that had layers of silk, with a wonderfully complimenting mixture of floral and fruity notes underneath. It was relaxing and moisturising - while completely banishing my sweet cravings and protecting teeth to live and fight another day. 

Rating: 8.7 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. Hello Jen,
    I love your blog, I'm a massive fan of Lush myself.
    I've recently done a product review of two products from Lush
    It would be cool if you could check it out and give me some more pointers, I want to get into doing more product reviews.

    Thank you!
    Aaron :)

  2. Oh, a cocktail book? I would love to know more about it!