9 January 2016

Lush Cocktail: Sweet Ice Cream

Russell's 'Sweet Ice Cream' Cocktail




Recently, I've been seeking out the weird and the wonderful; the cocktails that either look like they're going to be a mess, or on paper seem like they're going to clash horribly scent-wise. While I can't really tell you why I'm seeking out a 'bad experience', the challenge is still in the back of my mind every time I see a recipe such as this. 

Sweet Ice Cream is a strange cocktail - one made up of completely different scents, and not even ones that you'd initially pair up if you were given a choice. Fizzbanger and Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment? Fizzbanger and Yuzu & Cocoa? Fizzbanger and 13 Rabbits? Okay, you get the point - Fizzbanger stands out like a sore thumb.

Yet, what intrigued me about this cocktail is the very fact that these products are mis-matched and seemingly contradictory. For this very reason, I couldn't wait to see what was in store for me when all five items were added to the tub. And while this seemed like quite an expensive bath to be experimenting with, I saw it as a great opportunity to use up some old stock and try something completely different to what I'd normally use in the bath. 

Although the recipe calls for a reformulated Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon, I saw no harm in using up one of my older designs. Not only does this gorgeous bubbleroon creates a beautiful, sweet blanket of fluffy bubbles, but the aroma will make your mouth water - a concoction of coconut, orange, chocolate and tropical goodness. 

While a new one would give a deeper shade in the tub the pale orange colour that the water is converted into is still rather beautiful to look at. And not only does the bar create enough bubbles to see you through the entire experience, but the scent is strong enough to sit comfortably with all of the other components and make its presence known at all times. 

Next I added in the Vanilla Fountain Ballistic. This limited edition beauty shares its scent with the Vanillary range, and although mine was pretty old by this stage, still gave off a wonderful decadent and rather creamy vanilla aroma. Unfortunately, the aroma of this lost somewhat once all of the elements had been added to the water, but it did compliment the bubbleroon to begin with,and perhaps it made an impression without me even realising. 

Once the bath had been run, I threw in an entire Fizzbanger - the product that I knew would be the leading smell. As I expected, the bath bomb spewed out wave after wave of thick, yellow foam - coating the surface of the water and intertwining with the bubbles and froth of the other two products that were already present.

When dropped into the water the ballistic begins to dissolve very slowly leaving a trail of yellow foam on the surface of the bath water. This is when I was able to make out the fruity, apple scent - one that differs from So White by having a slightly sour element to it. As it continued to dissolve, mounds of deep blue foam began to spew out of the ballistic and this caused the water to change from a orange colour into more of a turquoise shade. As the two colours continued to froth across the surface, they created an abundance of magical swirls of vibrant colour across the water, which in turn turned the water into a gorgeous shade of green underneath the foam and bubbles. 

Next up, I added in the bath melt. Containing both marshmallow powder and synthetic musk, Mmmelting Marshmallow Melt has a wonderful soft and rather playful aroma - like raspberry bubblegum intertwined with a touch of vanilla and a little hint of fruit. While I love Snow Fairy, I find this bath melt to be far more wholesome and creamier than the shower gel.

Finally, 13 Rabbits Bath Melt was added in, although by this stage I didn't feel that it was needed. Made from a combination of four essential oils; walnut, peanut, ginger and clove bud, this bath melt is packed with enough moisturise to reenergise your skin and leave it feeling beautifully silky soft. Peanuts are known for being packed full of protein, and the inclusion of the oil in this product helps to heal and protect the skin; the ginger oil, aside from giving the melt a spicy kick, is an astringent and antiseptic ingredient that helps to relax, detox and cleanse your body and mind - using it's warming properties to aid circulation and heat up those frost-bitten body parts. 

Once all of the ingredients had been added, I observed that the bath water didn't look anything like the 'ice cream' experience I was expecting, but it did smell terrific - a combination of apple, chocolate and bubblegum - a strange but equally alluring fragrance. 

As to be expected, the water was highly moisturising - replenishing the skin on my hands and legs and leaving me feeling and smelling rather lovely. The rather murky shade of green that the cocktail transpired into wasn't exactly the most attractive one I have seen in the tub, but the experience was enjoyable enough that I could overlook this aspect. 

If you love the sound of this cocktail but don't want to utilise so many products at once, I would say that all of the ingredients could easily be halved, and perhaps the Vanilla Fountain removed all together, and you'd still have a fantastic experience.  

Vegan?: Yes. 

Rating: 8.8 out of 10. 


  1. How do you halve bath bombs?

  2. This looks so lovely! :D