7 January 2016

Lush Cocktail: Welcome To Wonderland

Dylan's 'Welcome To Wonderland' Cocktail




I love merging scents together - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but either way there is an adventure to be had with each and every cocktail attempt. As I was in a rather strange mood a few afternoons back, I decided to search out a cocktail that on paper, didn't sound as if it would work. Welcome To Wonderland was just that.

While the title sounded pretty amazing, every ingredient was very different from the next, and while the shower cream and bath oil would be fine if paired together, the inclusion of the other ingredients meant that I had no idea what to expect when set about making this cocktail a reality. 

Although I used part of an old bubbleroon in this recipe, I would definitely recommend you try it with the fresh, reformulated kind; I can only imagine how much better this would be with a set of brand new products...

First I crumbled the Yuzu & Cocoa under the running tap. This firm favourite of mine is packed full of cocoa butter, so you immediately notice the softness of the water and the silky-soft glaze that coats the surface as the product gets to work on infusing the water. 

This gorgeous, tropical-scented beauty created a mountain of fluffy bubbles and gave the water a light tinge of orange, which wasn't exactly spellbinding, but was warming enough to get me excited about the outcome of this cocktail.

Up next was the Comforter Shower Cream - a fairly new inclusion to the Lush family that gives off a strong, sweet and very fruity blackcurrant aroma. As I squirted a generous helping of this under the running tap, I was amazed to find that it immediately engulfed every other smell that was going on at the time. Not only did it deepen the colour of the water and turn it a pastel pink colour, but it quickly established itself as the strongest element of the cocktail - where it would remain so until the end.

Next I added in the Shark Infested Custard Bath Oil - a product that I think lends itself to being used in cocktails. While its delicious, creamy vanilla scent is not the strongest around, it does its job at softening the water and just adds a thread of warm, sugary-sweetness that you can detect on your skin afterwards.

Finally, I added an entire Frozen Bath Bomb. In hindsight, I would probably recommend that you only use half if you're looking for a sweeter experience, as this one tends to engulf the bath with a sea of neroli and sweet blossom. Not only does it convert the water into a light but rather beautiful shade of blue, but it turns the cocktail into a floral affair as opposed to a fruity one. 

Overall, my want for something different was definitely satisfied. Individually, these products are very different, but together they create a refreshingly-fruity but equally unique cocktail that needs to be experienced. While the Comforter was the leading note here, you could detect each and every smell very clearly when you were in the tub, and I would definitely approach this cocktail again in the near future.

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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  1. Did you use 1/2 or 1/4 of the yuzu & cocoa bubbleroon? The blog post says 1/2 but the video says 1/4... excited about trying this cocktail out:))