10 May 2018

Happy Hippy Naked Shower Gel

It's rather shocking to think that Lush released this naked shower gel back in September of last year, and that it's taken me this long to find the words to express how I felt about it. In all fairness, it was rather overwhelming when the Lush Kitchen threw a good 12-15 brand new products out into the world at the same time that an extensive Christmas collection made itself known online. I my be able to type fairly quickly on my keyboard but I certainly don't have the time or inclination to insert the five baths and showers a day that I would need to take, in order to get all of these reviews published on time. 

For this reason, you may be thinking that this review is fairly pointless now that the product is no longer available to buy through this avenue. However, with the recent 100% naked shop opening in Milan - clearly sporting Happy Hippy as one of their permanent shower gels - it's safe to say that most consumers will be graced with this naked shower gel at some point in the near future. 

Much like my review of Dirty Springwash Naked Shower Gel, there are probably little differences between my original batch and the new designs, aside from the obvious change in shape. However, I can happily reveal that this version of Happy Hippy is very much in keeping with the classic shower gel, and fans of this long-time product will notice many similarities that'll keep them happy. 

I'll start by saying that taking this into the shower with me was something of strange experience. Happy Hippy is one of the earliest products I remember trying from Lush, yet it is also one that I never feel the need to buy any of. So when the first bursts of sweet grapefruit began to rise from the steam of the shower, I couldn't help but reminisce about the initial excitement of me using the liquid shower gel for the first time.

Containing grapefruit oil as the key ingredient, Happy Hippy Naked Shower Gel offers a sweet, fruity grapefruit aroma that lasts on your skin for a good hour after exiting the shower. There is something special about this scent because you'd usually expect something sharp or citrusy to come from the inclusion of lemon or lime. However, the smell of this is very different from most other fruity offerings that Lush have made: past or present.

Imagine peeling a grapefruit that is perfectly ripe; not at all sour or particularly zesty, and you may begin to understand how this naked gel smells. While I would compare the smell of this to the grapefruit pieces you can buy in cans, I feel that undersells this a little as it's so fresh smelling and definitely doesn't smell like something that's been sitting on the shelf for months. As I said in my review of the original gel, it has a mild sweetness to it that permeates your skin: leaving it feeling refreshed and super clean.

In comparison to the liquid version, I felt as if the smells were pretty much on par. The naked version may have been a little less prominent to begin with, but once in the shower you can detect the wonderful aroma throughout your entire experience. Much like the original version, you can also detect a delicate note of grapefruit on your skin afterwards.

The only difference I found was in the way that they lathered up. The liquid gel tends to produce a light, fluffy lather that coats your skin with ease, whereas the naked version was thicker and seemed to be a little more oily when it came to lathering up. This meant that I found the naked version felt more moisturising on my skin, even though it was a little more difficult to get a generous lather going without a lot of water involved.

Having said that, I was really impressed to find that a single bottle lasted me a good month longer than a 250g bottle of Lush shower gel normally lasts me, and it dried quick enough after use that I didn't need to worry about it shrinking any quicker than it needed to. In fact, this was one of the easiest naked gels to store because the lather was white in the shower so there was no mess afterwards.

While I am still sold on the liquid variations (so sorry environment!) I definitely think that Happy Hippy Naked Shower Gel gives the liquid version a run for its money and I would happily buy another one in the near future.

Quantitative Ingredients: ?

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £9.95 each.

Year Of Original Price: 2017.

Scent Family:
Happy Hippy Naked Shower Gel

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