15 October 2018

Peeping Santa Liquid Perfume

s the rating suggests, this is my favourite Lush product to ever grace this planet. Hands down. Signed deal. There's a part of me that wanted to keep my views on this a secret, only because I know just how many people there are out there that would do anything to get their hands on a bottle of this powerful elixir. When Bruno Mars was singing about his 24 carat gold existence, it was obvious that he had never had the privilege of getting his hands on one of these bottles. 

In fact, there are very few people who have had, or might ever have had the opportunity to try this perfume out for themselves. In truth, this perfume was never made for commercial release, and technically I should never have gotten my hands on a bottle in the first place. However, luck and the generosity of a fellow Lushie allowed me to do so, and we are now happily married. The perfume and I, not the fellow Lush fan!

Sharing its scent with the Yummy Mummy range, this intoxicating blend of floral and fruity will have you salivating from the word go. Much like my all-time favourite shower cream, this fragrance is super strong and creamy and decadent and sweet, and everything you could ever ask for in a perfume.

While the ingredients of Peeping Santa are unknown, what I do know is that it does mimic the aforementioned shower cream perfectly. For this reason, I'm going to use the same description to describe its scent:

Imagine taking a handful of fresh strawberries, pulverising them with some whipped double cream, a handful of vanilla pods and a splash of buttery caramel sauce, and you may begin to envisage just how wonderful this fragrance is. Underneath this, a gentle touch of geranium adds a floral base that elevates the fruitless and rounds the scent off with a gentle hazy kiss.

What is superior about this fragrance, when compared to every other, is that this wasn't designed to be used on the skin. It was created to fill an entire room with an aroma that would keep on lasting for the duration of a film. For this reason, the strength of Peeping Santa outlasts any other perfume that Lush have ever released. One spray will easily last me a full twelve hours, and I'll still be able to smell it on my hair or my bed sheets the next day.

Why Lush have yet to bring out a Yummy Mummy fragrance is beyond me. They're either playing massive teases, and seeing how long they can make the Lush community wait, or they're simply clueless as to just how much of a gem this perfume would be. While I'd happily share my last (vegan) Rolo with anyone who asks, I won't be sharing this goddess with anyone, anytime soon.

Quantitative Ingredients: Pure Magic.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: Priceless. 

Year Of Original Release: Used only for scented cinema, Christmas 2016.

Scent Family:
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