6 October 2018

Tumeric Roll Fresh Facial Cleanser

Whilst running around like a headless mock chicken at the Lush Showcase last month, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a small tray of new facial cleansers that many consumers I'm sure would have overlooked. Placed in between the likes of Dark Angels and Angel On Bare Skin, Tumeric Roll didn't immediately stand out as being a brand new product. In fact, until I began using it in the shower a few days ago, I was convinced that it was just Angels On Bare Skin with a different design on top. 

In all fairness, this facial cleanser is a bit of a mystery. With no sign of the ingredients in sight, and staff only being able to tell me that it contained turmeric, I had no idea what skin type it was designed for, or what was special about this one that made it different from all of the regular ones we've been enjoying for years. However, having used it consecutively for the last seven days, I have definitely discovered many important aspects that I'll share with you now.

Firstly, despite the cleanser being a murky green colour, Tumeric Roll contains a very high dosage of turmeric. As soon as I started massaging it across my face, I could both smell and feel the bitter, slightly spicy aroma of the spice. It wasn't at all pungent, which is important because I know how dominating the ingredient can be if you add too much to a recipe. Instead, I felt a gentle heat across my face, which would have helped to open up my pores while the other ingredients cleaned away any dirt or debris. 

Tumeric is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, so this cleanser will help to calm the skin; help to eradicate acne or redness; and may even reduce scarring over time. While I only tend to get a couple of spots every month, I found that I could see a noticeable difference within a day or using this in the morning. The redness had faded so that the spot wasn't so obvious on my face, and it had completely gone by the third morning. 

Alongside this, I also believe that there is lavender present - perhaps even more so than the turmeric itself. This works alongside the turmeric to calm and sooth the skin, leaving it ready to face the day ahead. If you're someone who uses Angel On Bare Skin regularly, you'd definitely like to alternate between the two of these to get maximum results from your cleanser. Having said that, I didn't find this one left my face looking as radiant afterwards, or feeling as moisturised as the aforementioned cleanser is.  

What was great about Turmeric Roll was that I needed very little for each morning: a large raisin-sized amount was surplus enough for me to massage it across my whole face. The small roll that I purchased, which equates to a  regular tub-sized amount, would easily last me a couple of months with daily use. 

Furthermore, because of how gentle it is on the skin, you could use this one every day on your face and not have to worry about irritating or over-pampering your complexion. Having said that, if you're someone who's looking for more plumper, nourishing feeling skin, you may wish to alternate between this and Let The Good Times Roll to achieve this. Much like Angels On Bare Skin, this cleanser isn't particularly scratchy at all, but it does offer a very gentle exfoliation across the face.

Overall, I have really enjoyed using this, as I feel as if my pores have been thoroughly cleaned out after making this a part of my daily routine. If Turmeric Roll was added to the regular cleanser range, I would definitely consider buying this, and alternating between two different cleansers to ensure my skin was always left super clean and nourished at the same time.

Quantitative Ingredients: turmeric, lavender, 

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: ?

Year Of Original Release: 2018.


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