Hair Dye
Caca Marron

Other Hair products
Calm Down Scalp Milk (Showcase 2018)
Curl Powder Hair Curl Pudding (non vegan) (Liverpool 2019)
Dirty Hair Cream
Drop and Roll Hair Mousse (Liverpool 2019)
#Gains Hair Protein Spray (Liverpool 2019)
Giants Gel Hair Dressing (Oxford Street 2015)
Glam Rock Hair Glitter
Goddess Hair Moisturiser (Liverpool 2019)
Goth Juice Hair Gel
Hairdresser's Husband Hair Spray (Showcase 2018)
The Hairdressers Husband Hair Mist (Liverpool 2019)
Hair Custard Hair Dressing (Lush Showcase 2018)
Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease
Jo Jo Hair Wax (Oxford Street 2015)
Manestream Hair And Beard Styling Cream (Showcase 2018)
Marilyn Hair Conditioner
Mr Dandy's Hair Candy Dressing (Oxford Street 2015) 
Millennial Hair Styling Cream (Liverpool 2019)
Mr Dandy's Hair Candy Dressing (Oxford Street 2015)
On Edge Hair Edging Balm (Lush Showcase 2018)
Petal Head Naked Dry Shampoo Bar (Showcase 2018)
Poseidon Hair Styling Balm (Liverpool 2019)
Punkawalop Matte Hair Clay (Lush Showcase 2018)
Renee’s Shea Souffle Hair Balm (Lush Showcase 2018)
R'N'B Hair Moisturiser
Sea Spray Hair Mist
Shield Protecting Hair Serum (Lush Showcase 2018)
The Shining Hair Mist (Liverpool 2019)
Snake Oil Scalp Treatment Bar
Something About Rosemary Naked Hair Gel (Showcase 2018)
Spotlight Hair Styling Serum (Liverpool 2019) 
Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler (Newly vegan) (Showcase 2018)
The Strokes Hair Moisturiser
Super Milk Hair Conditioning Spray (Liverpool 2019)
Willow the Wisp Hair Thickening Serum (Liverpool 2019)
Zest Styling Gelly (Lush Kitchen 2014)

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