15 July 2019

Super Milk Conditioning Spray

I cannot remember a time when my hair has ever felt truly nourished, at least not for more than a day or two, and never without the aid of a product to make it so. No matter how much was I drink or how well I look after my hair, the ends always feel like a bird's nest and the rest of my locks could cut through skin it's so rough. With the recent collection of new Lush hair products however, I finally feel as if I'm getting somewhere...

Super Milk Conditioning Spray is one of Lush's most recent inventions: a combination of ingredients that promise to not only add some much-needed moisture into your locks, but also help to protect the hair against breakage; add strength and shine; and even offer a barrier against heat of both a hairdryer and straighteners.

Priced up at £15, there are three main ingredients at work here: almond milk, coconut milk and oat milk. These three essential components all work on improving the condition of your hair in their own unique way. Coconut milk is a wonderfully rich and rather fatty ingredient that helps to nourish and replenish dry hair, while the inclusion of both the almond and oat milks help to hydrate the hair and bring the life back into weak and damaged locks.

Alongside these three main components, the inclusion of both the lemon and olive oil adds a natural shine to the hair, while the litsea, tonka and vanilla absolutes give Super Milk its wonderful fragrance. At first, I was quick to assume that this Liverpool exclusive shared its scent with Avocado Cowash. However, it didn't take me long to decide that the fragrance here is far more complex and wholesome than I initially thought. While it is incredibly similar in many ways, I would be selling it short if I just claimed that the spray offered an identical smell.

To my nose, the litsea, tonka and vanilla absolutes dance together perfectly to produce a super sweet, thick and creamy fruity smell. The inclusion of the three nut milks only intensifies the scent and gives it a fluffy, nutty twist. As if this wasn't enough, there is something here that also gives off a sweet, resinous aroma that almost has a burnt caramel note. Ultimately, it is a truly gorgeous scent and one that I'm glad I get to use on my hair regularly.

What makes Super Milk so successful is all down to two ingredients: the inclusion of ethyl macadamiate, which works like a silicone (without actually being a silicone!) and protects the hair from heat and damage by coating each individual strand. Alongside this, both behentrimonium and Cetrimonium Chlorides work on conditioning the hair and leaving it feeling beautiful afterwards.

To use Super Milk, the idea is that you spray directly onto your hair after washing it in the shower and it works its magic as a leave-in conditioner. Interestingly, Lush don't specify that you should towel dry your hair beforehand so I tend to apply it straight after I've wrung out any excess water. My experience has shown that the product works really well in this manner, perhaps even more so than when my hair has been towel dried a little more.

In the bottle, the conditioning spray is rather thick and acts like a bowl of custard that's been left to cool down. Yet, it comes out of the bottle as quite a thin, milky spray, which tells me that the product is super condensed and that not very much is needed with each use. In fact, my hair is currently about 5cm past shoulder length and I find that five sprays is suffice to do the job.

Once my hair has dried, I can noticeably see and feel how soft and shiny my locks look. Without needing to brush my hair, I notice that I can run my fingers through my locks without coming across many tangles at all, and it gives my hair a great shape that I can wear down without using any other products alongside it.

As if the spray hasn't done enough already, I was also really impressed that the fragrance remained on my locks for many hours after initial application. This felt particularly amazing when it was super sunny one day and I could hear members of the public commenting on a 'stunning smell' that was lingering around the bus. I was really tempted to turn around and gush about the wonderful product that is Super Milk.

As you can imagine from my glowing review, this is definitely a hair product that I will be using regularly, and despite its size I can really imagine that my tiny little 100g bottle will last a long time. Super Milk Conditioning Spray smells absolutely delicious and works wonders at softening and hydrating your hair, with minimal effort. I would definitely recommend that you try this out for yourself.

Quantitative Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Almond Milk, Coconut milk, Oat Milk, DRF Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate & PEG-100 Stearate, Ethyl Macadamiate, Perfume, Cetearyl Alcohol, Fresh Lemon Juice, Propylene Glycol, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Behentrimonium chloride, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Tonka Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Cetrimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, *Anise Alcohol, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Benzyl Cinnamate, *Cinnamal, *Citral, Coumarin, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

2019 Price: £15 for 100g.

Year Of Original Release: 2019.



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