24 October 2019

Let The Good Times Roll

It was almost seven years ago that I made the choice to dedicate my time and energy into creating the most definitive Lush blog that I possibly could. Little did I know just how much money and time would be needed to fulfil this dream, and create something that has grown and flourished as much as it has over the years. However, little did I also not realise how much the whole experience would mould, change and nurture me as a person as well.

Over the last seven years, I have spent numerous hours budgeting in my many hauls; weeks squatting in bath tubs just to get the best lighting; months spent editing and responding to the pictures that I post on Instagram; and years writing the most comprehensive reviews I could possibly manage. The feedback I have received from the Lush community, and indeed from within the company as well, have left me incredulous thinking about how much of an impact my words have impacted some of your lives as well. And I feel completely blessed that I have found a home within one of the best online communities in the world. 

This blog is my baby. And I am so incredibly proud of what I have managed to create; what this blog has allowed me to experience; and how these words have transcended into the real world, where I have met some of the most wonderful and inspiring people on the entire planet: many of whom I now consider to be some of my greatest friends.

However, change is inevitable and I have reached a stage in my life where I want to explore far more of this world, and in doing so dig far deeper into my own consciousness. This means that I need to let go of the things that are no longer serving me and begin to walk a new, exciting path, and see what life has to offer me when I do. 

For this reason, I will be stepping away from updating this blog completely and will no longer be reviewing Lush products on this platform. This blog will remain out there to hopefully inspire and inform new, wide-eyed Lush fans who are looking for a solid reference point to start from, as well as serve as a memory of my time over the last seven years.

I cannot thank you - the reader - enough for all of your support; your guidance; and your accolade over the years. It's been an absolute pleasure to be considered one of the key voices within the Lush community, and I am forever grateful for having the platform to learn and grow into that role, whilst having a strong sense of support from the community underneath.

I hope that many of you will continue to follow my new adventures on both my Instagram and Youtube platforms. In doing so, I do hope that I can ignite the adventure within you; inspire you to work towards your goals; and incite an excitement in you that will ultimately help you to make your dreams come true.  

I love you all.
And thank you.