27 February 2015

Once A Year Massage Bar

When I first began this blog, I found it almost impossible to review every product I was using - mostly because I'm always in the habit of using a large array of cosmetics at any one time. For this reason, when large seasonal releases came along, I was never able to use and review every new item before the next set of products made an appearance. 

When the Christmas 2012 releases first graced the website, I was very quick to order multiple amounts of every vegan product on offer. However, some two years on, I'm still digging out items and realising (with regret) that I would have stocked up on particular titles had I known how much I would fall in love with them. Such is the case with this massage bar. 

Sporting one of the strangest, yet equally the most interesting designs I have seen, Once A Year is a beautiful skin-coloured oval shape with a pearly-white moustache protruding from the surface. On closer inspection, you will also notice that the bar is decorated with tiny specks of golden glitter, which gives the bar a slight shimmer in the right light. 

What is great about this bar is that it's packed with some incredible ingredients that promise to do your skin a world of good. There's the usual shea and cocoa butter - two key ingredients that work with the natural oils of your skin to nourish, smoothen and repair over-tired and weathered skin. However, the key ingredient here is definitely the hazelnut oil - a feature that you don't see very often within Lush products. This wonderful oil not only moisturises your skin, but it also forms a protective layer across your skin so it stays soft, supple and radiant for a lot longer than the average massage bar can offer. 

Lush claim that the inclusion of brandy, sweet orange oil, almond oil and cinnamon leaf oil, give this bar a 'distinctive Christmas scent'. However, although I can detect all of these ingredients individually, together they create an aroma that reminds me very much of Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum - an uplifting, fruity concoction with the very faintest note of cinnamon. 

It's definitely very different from anything else I've smelt from Lush, and it's really one you have to experience to understand why I have compared the scent to a chewing gum. What I would say is that for those of you who dislike products that contain alcoholic scents, this is still a product you might enjoy. I drink perhaps once a year, and I have always claimed that I hate the smell of most alcoholic drinks, spirits especially. However, this is a very pleasant smell doesn't have any of the pungency that alcohol gives to most products. 

To use the bar, simply rub it between your hands to warm it and let the oils melt. This particular bar melts very easily and massages into the skin with no problems. It does leave your skin a little greasy for a good 10-15 minutes after application, but I recognised that this was just the hazelnut oil getting to work, so I would prepare myself before using the massage bar, giving the oils time to absorb into the skin before putting any clothing on over the top. 

I really wasn't expecting to like Once A Year as much as I did, and I now consider it one of my favourite massage bars to date. I love the fact that it has a very strong smell - in fact, when I left this in my walk-in-wardrobe, it was all I could smell in there for weeks afterwards. This smell transfers onto your skin and lingers on your body for the most part of the day. I happen to think that fragrance would work really well as a body lotion and I would happily buy a few tubs if they became available. 

The ease at which it melts makes it a really good intensive moisturiser, something you could use once a week to add a bit of radiance to dry and lifeless skin. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it's name suggests a yearly appearance, this massage bar has only been released once since I began to buying regularly from Lush. I'm currently having to use my last bar very scrupulously until Lush choose to bring it back. Hopefully, I won't be waiting too long. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Perfume, Hazelnut Oil (Corylus avellana), Iridescent Glitter (Polyethylene terephthalate & Acrylates copolymer), Brandy, Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis), Almond Essential Oil (Prunus dulcis), Cinnamon Leaf Oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Benzyl Salycilate, *Cinnamyl Alcohol, Cinnamal, Citral, *Coumarin, Eugenol, Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate, Farnesol, Limonene, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Colour 14700.

Vegan?: Yes.

Year Of Original Release: 2012.

26 February 2015

Lush Cocktail: Starry Starry Night

Jorge's Starry Starry Night Cocktail 


Lashings Of Twilight Shower Gel



I don't know what it is, but I'm finding myself trying out some really incredible Lush Cocktails as of late. It's not that I'm picking the ones that most appeal to me because that would be the obviously answer as to why I'm enjoying them so much. 

While I have written down every single one of the cocktails that have been suggested, I'm going to be honest and say that I've mostly been picking the ones that feature products I already own. Given the extent of my current collection, I don't want to buy up another 20 bath bombs when I already own 200 that are waiting to be used. For this reason, I'm rather surprised that the last couple baths I've had have been two of the greatest cocktail experiences to date. 

Starry Starry Night really appealed to me because of two reasons; firstly, because I haven't been sleeping that well lately, the combination of products featured seemed like the perfect remedy for my mild insomnia; secondly, the cocktail features Twilight Shower Gel - one of those products that I just cannot say no to.

First up, I crumbled the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar under the running water and watched as a sea of beautiful bubbles appeared in a very short space of time. For a product that I was previously unimpressed with, it's really won me over this year and now I feel almost guilty that I abandoned it in the first place.

This product gives off a wonderfully refreshing and very light floral fragrance - one that is packed full of jasmine and ylang ylang to give a sweet but rather lovely scent. The bubble bar turns the water a lovely pastel green colour and the bubbles that accompany it as light, silky-soft and very fragrant. 

Next I added in a generous helping of Twilight Shower Gel. This immediately made it's presence known in the bath and I could detect it's wonderful creamy lavender scent throughout the whole experience. It also adds to the nourishing properties of the water and is one of the reasons why I left this bath feeling like a million pounds. 

Once the water has stopped running, I added in a third of a Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt. This is easily my favourite bath melt from Lush and gives off a strong but creamy citrus aroma. Packed full of cocoa butter, this small slice of melt will also give the water a layer of essential oils that soften and cleanse your skin - leaving it feeling incredible. 

The outer layer of silver lustre will also give this bath a magical sparkle to it. However, you don't have to worry about getting covered in glitter as it slowly sinks to the bottom of the tub over time and washes away with ease afterwards. 

Finally, I added in half of a Shoot For The Stars - a bath bomb that even to look at is a marvel. This favourite seasonal product of mine dominates the colour of the bath - turning it a vivid and very intense deep blue colour and adding a gorgeously sweet toffee fragrance to the bath. 

Not only this but the bath bomb also contains glitter of its own, which along with the bath melt create an undercurrent of lustre that swirls around you while you're submerged in the water - really making you feel as if you're bathing with the stars. 

All four of these products have distinctively different scents but all four work wonders when used together. What impressed me the most about this bath was that I could detect all of the fragrances at any one time. While the Shoot For The Stars and Star Light Star Bright were the more dominant smells, I could still smell Christmas Eve and Twilight at any time.

This cocktail left me feeling really invigorated - my skin felt incredible afterwards and it helped to send me off into a deep sleep that lasted almost eleven hours - perhaps the longest I slept in a good year. As I have multiples of all of these ingredients, I will definitely be using this cocktail again - perhaps making it a fortnightly occurrence. 

Vegan?: Yes. 

Rating: 9.2 out of 10. 

25 February 2015

Leap Frog Liquid Perfume

In 2012, Lush released a number of limited edition products to celebrate Valentine's Day. One of these was the strangely named, Leap Frog Perfume, a fragrance designed to match that of the ballistic with the same title. Although I was unlucky enough to miss purchasing one of the ballistics, I did manage to grab myself a bottle of the scent.

My first impressions were that this perfume does not suit the name Leap Frog. It's a very rich and musky scent, reminiscent of early 80's floral fragrances, and doesn't play homage to it's title in the slightest. 

Lush have included a whole range of scents to create this fragrance, all of them known for the ambidextrous properties they possess; Jasmine is the main ingredient here, knowing for it's warm and seductive properties, this scent definitely adds a sexiness to the overall scent. Whether on your skin or in the bottle, jasmine is at the forefront; showcasing a strong but equally sweet and light layer of floral gorgeousness. 

Next up is rose absolute, another warm and sensual smell that compliments the jasmine perfectly. The absolute adds a slight powdery tone to the overall scent, which gives Leap Frog that dry edge that you'd expect to get from preserved flowers. Sandalwood sits comfortably as the base note, adding a slight rich and woody scent to add depth to the smell; Neroli ties all of the ingredients together and adds it's own sweet, fruity aroma.

When combine, these ingredients produce an exquisite, evocative and wonderfully sexy perfume, one that wouldn't be out of place next to the Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. It's definitely a musky scent, however it's light enough not to be too cloying or heavy on the wearer. Much like a designer perfume, it sits on your skin for hours at a time, and I found that I didn't have to top up at all during the day. What made the experience even better, was the many compliments I received about that 'gorgeous smell' I was wearing. 

I was definitely pleasantly surprised with Leap Frog; it's name gave me the impression that it was going to be a simple perfume with very little scent. However, it's the complete opposite. My bottle of this is dwindling somewhat so I hope that Lush decide to bring this back so I can stock up. I'd definitely vote for this to be made a permanent fixture in their perfume range, and I'd recommend you try and seek out a bottle to try yourself.

Quantative Ingredients: DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, *Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, *Citral, *Citronellol, Coumarin, *Eugenol, *Farnesol, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, *Limonene, Methyl Ionone, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

24 February 2015

Lush DIY: Converting FUN Into A Shower Gel

It was only a matter of time before I found new ways to enjoy my Lush products. Now that I have tried pretty much everything that Lush are currently offering in their shops and I'm on top of my Lush Kitchen orders, I have a little spare time to experiment and convert my favourite Lush products into other formats.

After my initial attempt with Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel, I found that my mind was rampant with ideas for what to make next. As shower gels are my Achilles Heel, I felt it was apt that I try my hand at creating another variation - this time using one of my favourite FUN bars, Pink. As it's a regular product, I can top up my shower gel at anytime and this recipe gives versatility to a product that I sometimes struggle using in the shower in it's solid format. 



What you'll need:

-A Bowl
-A Spoon/A fork
-An empty plastic bottle (preferably 200g)
-A funnel 

-1/2 a FUN bar

-A little under 100g of unscented Shower Gel

Begin by measuring out the amount of shower gel that you'll need for this project. Fill up the 100g empty bottle with the unscented gel and try to leave a small, 1cm gap at the top of the bottle. This will allow room for the excess shower gel that you'll get once you've added in both the gel and the grated FUN bar. 

Pour the measured shower gel into a bowl and leave it to sit while you prepare the FUN bar. Grate half of the FUN bar into the bowl, using the biggest grill on your grater to do so. I say this because using anything smaller will just cause most of the product to get caught in the grates and you'll end up wasting so much of the FUN trying to dislodge the pieces from the grater. 

Manually combine both of the ingredients together with a spoon or a fork. You'll need to stir and beat the mixture for a good 4-5 minutes until all of the lumps have disappeared and you are left with a smooth liquid. Do not attempt to mix these ingredients using a blender - I found that the FUN reacts to the fast movement of the blade and will foam up quite dramatically!

It is important that you leave the mixture to sit for 20 - 30 minutes - allowing it time to settle before transferring it into an empty plastic bottle or tub. If you have a funnel, I would highly recommend that you use it as it'll make things far easier. If you don't have one of these handy, you can craft a makeshift funnel using a piece of greaseproof paper and some sellotape  Make sure that if you're using the latter, you support it whilst the liquid is being transferred as it can make a large mess if the paper falls out midway through. 

Once it's in the bottle, it's ready to use. By this stage, the product will smell really strong and it's colour will be very vivid and beautiful. As there is not preservatives in this shower gel, I would say that a 100g bottle will last up to 10 weeks, depending on how it's stored. 

You may find that the liquid separates a little after a day or so. However, all you need to do is give it a shake and it'll be perfectly fine. While you may be a little disappointed to find that the recipe only makes a little over 120g worth product, and the consistency is a little runny, I can assure you that you need a minuscule amount to create an impressive lather, so this should last you far longer than the average bottle of shower gel. 

Happy Daze Gift Set

It's very seldom that I get my hands on any of Lush's regular gift sets - partly because I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase any for myself, and normally the only time I get bought gift sets is for Christmas, which would normally result in myself getting a seasonal collection. However, over the Christmas period I decided to buy a few gift sets for members of my family, and knowing what scents they appreciate, I actually found myself opting for regular collections instead of limited editions.

Happy Daze was a new gift set for 2014 and in my opinion is probably the best one currently available online and in store. The reason I say this is because normally there is a product in a set that I would happily exchange for another one. However, this gift set features four amazing products and really showcases some of Lush's best work. 

This is a gift set for bath lovers and features two bubble bars and two bath bombs - all of which are very different from each other yet all of which seem to compliment one other really well.

This gift set features:

While the two bath ballistics are full-sized, the two bubble bars are about half the size of the regular versions. Despite this, you're still able to get two uses out of each one so you have the potential to get 6-8 baths from this one gift set - making it great value for money.  

Lush claim that this gift set is supposed to help you travel back to the 60's - to reminisce in the vibrancy and psychedelia of that era. For this reason, I was surprised that the Karma Bubble Bar wasn't featured in the collection, as it would have perhaps been more suited than one of the other bubble bars. Having said that, this gift set is still a bright and colourful offering - both in its physical form and in the scents that it offers the user. 

Priced up at £14.95, this does work out a little more expensive than buying the same amount of product without the box and packaging. However, it's a great introduction box for those who perhaps aren't as familiar with Lush's bath range as regular shoppers would be. Happy Daze would be a great starting place for those who are just starting out with Lush and want a selection of products to test out. It's also great because the products featured here would appeal to almost anyone - there's nothing strange or particularly overpowering that might put new Lush fans off of buying from the company again. 

All of the recipients of this gift set commented on how wonderful it was and how there was something in here to compliment any mood. While I have enough of each of these bath products to last me a lifetime, this would be one of the first gift sets I turn to if I'm ever in need of a gift idea in the future. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Price: £14.95.

23 February 2015

Ego Massage Bar

I have been eyeing up this particular massage bar for quite a while now. A part of me wanted to rip open the plastic wrapper and slather it all over my body, while a part of me has refrained from doing so because I know it's no longer available on the site. I hate discovering new favourite products when they've already been discontinued. 

Ego Massage Bar is one of Lush's oldest massage bars and first made an appearance some fifteen years ago. Designed to boost the self esteem of someone who needs their ego stroked, this product is packed with essential oils and butters to soften, moisturise and nourish the skin as well as the mind. 

To use the massage bar, you can do one of two things. I tend to warm my hands up a little before carefully rubbing the bar all over my body. Once I've smeared enough on my skin, I then use my hands to massage it all over evenly. You can also use the warmth of your hands to melt the massage bar somewhat, before using this to smother it all over your skin like you would a normal lotion. 

To make this bar different from the many that Lush offer, this one contains lavender, tarragon and rosemary oils which give this massage bar a wonderful herbal fragrance. Whereas at first, I was a little worried that these ingredients would be too overpowering, I was surprised and relieved to find that they are very subtle in the overall aroma of Ego. 
The lavender oil is definitely the more dominant ingredient here, although it only adds a subtle note to the bar; the tarragon and rosemary add a very gentle but equally gorgeous scent. Together, this bar gives off a calming, sensual herbal aroma that works wonderfully on your skin without being too potent on the senses. This is a bar you would use if you want a deep moisturise without being left smelling like a forest. 

What is great about Ego is that it's rather a large massage bar, so if you love the scent and the way it works on your skin, you'll get a lot more uses out of it than a regular bar. It's rather plain to look at - with it's name etched into the surface. However, I am always more interested in how it works with my skin as opposed to it's design. In fact, it is often the more elaborate-looking bars that are less effective on the skin - so the simpler the better, I say. 

Unfortunately, like a lot of Lush's massage bars, this one is a little stubborn at releasing it's oils and I have to make sure my hands are heated as much as they can before I begin to use this product. Once on the skin, this massage bar produces oils that do take a bit of time to absorb into the body, so this is not a product you would use if you're short for time.

Ego is definitely a bar to use for an intensive moisturising experience, not as an everyday moisturiser. I say this because it takes a good 10-20 minutes for the oils to penetrate the skin and leave you feeling smooth, and when I used this for a few days running, I found that my skin became a little oily and felt 'heavy'.

Despite this, this massage bar is very gentle on the skin and like most of the other bars, helped me to unwind before bed. The gentle lavender fragrance really helped me to relax, while the motion of applying this to my body released any tension I had in my muscles and coaxed me into a deep sleep.

This is definitely one I would invest in again and I hope that Lush chose to bring it back soon.

Quantitative Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Tarragon oil, Rosemary Oil, Geranium, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume. 

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: 

Scent Family:

Year Of Original Release: 1998.

Moon And Sun Toner Tab

Lush describe each of their toner tabs as 'a blend of oils for both mind and skin, skillfully presented in an easy to use tab.' The simplicity of these tablets are what I love the most about them - with a few simple ingredients they can transform your complexion and make you feel like a million dollars. Not bad for something that costs a little over £2. 

Moon And Sun is a toner tab that has spent a good part of the last two years hidden beneath the endless supply of Lush soaps I have collected. When I pulled it out, it was a little powdery and the pieces of dried lavender that decorated the surface, were rather faded. However, the gorgeous musky floral fragrance from both the lavender and neroli oil, were very much present. 

To use one of these toner tabs is very simple. Simply fill a medium-sized bowl with hot water, submerge your face and the bowl beneath a towel or sheet and drop the toner tab into the water. Lush state that once the tab has fully dissolved, you should remove the towel and pat your face dry. However, to get a full detox, I would recommend that you stay underneath the towel for a good five minutes. What is useful, is that the leftover water can be stored in the fridge for up to seven days after it's been used - using this to spritz your face if your skin needs that bit of extra refreshment throughout the week.

This particular toner tab has a rather lovely and equally soothing fresh lavender aroma that expands when the tab is dissolved in water and offers you a relaxing experience. The addition of neroli oil gives Moon And Sun an uplifting and invigorating element that improves your mood and leaves you refreshed in body and mind. Without all of the harmful ingredients that other non-Lush steamers can contain, the toner tab is able to steam your face without damaging the skin or drying out the pores - leaving a gentle aroma that stays with you for a while after use. 

Priced at £2.50, this toner tab is a little on the expensive side -on par with Dream Steam. This is perhaps the only reason I wouldn't invest in this product regularly. While it does leave your complexion dirt free and is great at hydrating weathered skin, the best result for me is seeing the colour that it brings back into my tired face. Some of my colleagues at work commented on how radiant my skin was the day after I had used one of these and I was amazed that the results were so noticeable. 

Unfortunately, this along with many other of Lush's toner tabs are currently unavailable both online and in store as part of their permanent range. If Lush were to bring this back as a regular item, I would definitely buy this again but only to use it once a month to justify the expense. Aside from the price, there's not anything bad I can really say about this miracle tab. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Perfume, Geraniol, Farnesol, Limonene, Linalool, Lavender Flowers.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £2.50.
2016 Price: £2.80.
2017 Price: £2.95.

Year Of Original Release:

22 February 2015

1000 Kisses Solid Perfume

1000 Kisses is one of those perfumes that didn't sell itself to me on first sniff, but one that grew on me over time and one that I'm sure will become a staple summer scent for me. Originally released in 2011, the liquid version was created by Mark Constantine to pay homage to his wife and the love he feels towards her - a sentiment that makes this fragrance just that little bit more special. 

An exquisite and delicate perfume, 1000 Kisses has a sweet, fruity and very refreshing aroma - one that is different from anything else that Lush currently offer. Created from a blend of apricot and mandarin notes, this solid fragrance offers a fruity but tart smell that reminds me of freshly made marmalade or apricot jam. 

Much like it's liquid counterpart, this juicy, plummy scent is intertwined with a warm, earthy, autumnal hint of osmanthus and myrrh. For those readers unsure of what osmanthus is, I did a little research and found out that it is a Himalayan shrub that produces a floral absolute with green and fruity notes.  
What is really great about this solid edition is that it develops quite dramatically on the skin - offering you an experience that changes over time and differs from the simple scent that greets you upon opening the lid. 

In the tin, the light fragrance is rather subtle on the senses but the moment your finger warms the waxes and oils, the much-loved aroma becomes more prominent. In this format, it is the citrus elements that come through the strongest - like a freshly squeeze mandarin with some of the pith thrown in there for a bittersweet aftertaste. 

However, once the perfume has been applied to the skin and left to develop, the myrrh and labdanum become more prominent and offer the wearer a much more comforting and sophisticated aroma. The myrrh adds a rather aromatic and subtle spicy warmth to the perfume, whereas the labdanum offers a more complex, earthy aroma that lingers on the skin for a good few hours.

On your skin, the citrus elements disperse ever so slightly, and the warm, comforting smell of the other ingredients comes through. What you are left with is something far deeper and more multi-layered than you would have initially expected. Had the scent of 1000 Kisses stayed as two-dimensional as it was on first sniff, I might not have enjoyed this as much as I did. However, the warmth that comes through when you're wearing it, makes this a much more well-rounded experience for the user. 

I actually found the aroma of the solid edition much more enjoyable than the liquid format because it was rather more subtle and slightly sweeter than it's older brother. I was able to pick out each element of the perfume much clearly than the liquid edition, which was wonderful.  

Despite this, with this particular fragrance, I found that it didn't have the longevity on my skin as the liquid version demonstrated. While I could still detect it an hour or so after I had initially applied it to my wrists, it wasn't very strong by this point and I had to reapply it most hours to get the effect I wanted. However, it did offer me something which I thought was more rounded and rather more interesting than the liquid alternative. Perhaps this is something that could be used in conjunction with the liquid fragrance - to top up the smell throughout the day and give me that little extra warmth that the liquid perfume lacks. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Candelilla Wax, Perfume, Limonene, Lilial, Myrrh Resinoid, Labdanum Resinoid, Osmanthus Absolute, Citral, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Linalool, Coumarin, Colour 77492, Colour 77491.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2015 Price: £7.50 for 12g. 
2016 Price: £7.95 for 12g. 

Year Of Original Release: 2011.

Scent Family: 
1000 Kisses Deep Liquid Perfume
1000 Kisses Solid Perfume

21 February 2015

Candy Fluff Dusting Powder

Discontinued back in 2010, this is a product that has a large underground following - something I only realised when it began to appear in nearly every conversation I had with a Lush fan. While it's not an essential product, it is one that can easily slip into your daily routine - something I found with both this and the Karma Dusting Powder

Despite my German edition, I know that the words displayed across the front of this product read as 'Dusting Powder with iridescent & golden sparkles and a tantalisingly fluffy fragrance.' Lush describe it as possessing the scent of sweet shops and while I can see the comparison, I think this latter description sells it a little short. 

One of the things that initially attracted me to this dusting powder was that it shares it's scent with the popular Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Yet what I love about this powder is that the smell it gives off is far more mature and musky smelling than the aforementioned product. It still has the sugary-sweet candy floss element to it, but alongside this is a more sophisticated, powdery element.
Candy Fluff is a rather strong-scented dusting powder but not too overpowering that it becomes unpleasant. To use this product, simply shake into the palm of your hand and then rub into your skin. You can also apply it directly onto any areas you wish to, although I found that this can cause a lot of the powder to fall off and get onto your clothes and/or carpet. You only need a small amount to cover your whole body - I found a teaspoon amount was more than enough each time. 

The dusting powder sits beautifully on the body, immediately being absorbed into the skin so you don't have to worry about it rubbing off on any clothes you put on afterwards. The inclusion of cornflour makes this powder beautifully soft and I was very surprised to discover how instantly smooth it makes your skin. I couldn't stop stroking my arms after I had used this for the first time and I found that the condition of my skin stayed like this for the entirety of the day. 

If you're looking for an all-out girly experience, you can use this in conjunction with Snow Fairy Perfume or indeed the shower gel. This dusting powder keeps it smell for a long time after application so you can use it in place of a perfume. It's perfect for a night out as it will absorb some of your sweat whilst keeping you smelling and feeling clean.
While Candy Fluff claims to contain lots of sparkle, I've not noticed that much on my skin when I apply the stuff so you're not going to end up sparkling like a Twilight vampire. To prove my point; I tend to use this powder after I've washed my bedsheets - sprinkling a generous amount on after I've made my bed so I can enjoy the smell while I'm sleeping. Having done this for the last few months, I've yet to find myself covered in lustre after the experience.

It was originally priced at £6.10 back when it was still being sold so £6.95 is a pretty reasonable price. This may sound like quite a lot for what is glorified talcum powder. However, the 80g pot that I acquired has lasted me nearly a year so far and I've only used up about half a tub. 
Candy Fluff is now a firm favourite of mine - I've officially joined the club of obsessives. While it doesn't quite rank above Karma, it's a great treat after a relaxing bath and will be one I stock up on anytime Lush choose to offer it to the world. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Cornstarch (Zea mays), Talc, Magnesium Carbonate, Synthetic Musk, Perfume, Benzyl Benzoate, Iridescent Sparkles (Polyethylene terephthalate & Acrylates copolymer), Golden Sparkles (Polyethylene terephthalate).

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £6.95 for 50g.

Year Of Original Release:?

Scent Family:
Best Washes Wash Card
Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Candy Fluff Ballistic
Candy Fluff Perfume
Candy Fluff Dusting Powder
Fairy Dust Dusting Powder
Father Christmas Bath Bomb
Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
Godmother Soap
Lush Mechanic Cold-Pressed Soap
Magic Wand Bubble Bar
Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil
Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Melt
Pink Easter Egg Ballistic
Snow Fairy Body Conditioner
Snow Fairy Body Spray
Snow Fairy Cold-Pressed Soap
Snow Fairy Jelly Bath Bomb
Snow Fairy Lip Tint
Snow Fairy Liquid Perfume
Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner
Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel
Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Snow Fairy Solid Perfume
Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar