19 August 2015

Lush Cocktail: Great British Bathe Off

Amy's 'Great British Bathe Off' Cocktail


Latherings Of Hot Toddy Shower Gel



While I wouldn't say that I was an avid viewer of the Great British Bake Off, I do find myself getting rather engrossed when my flatmates are excitedly discussing it at great lengths, day in day out. There is something rather comforting about such a show - quite possibly because I know that a new series symbolises the summer holidays, which is never a bad thing. 

When I discovered this cocktail suggestion in the comments, I just knew it was fitting for me to try it out in the same week as the pilot episode for the new series launched. While I was too busy to watch the programme myself, I took pleasure in knowing that at least I was able to enjoy something 'Lush related' that linked to the show.

This cocktail is one for those who like the sweeter smells in life - one that'll guarantee to leave your skin feeling like a million pounds. If the tonnes of lustre doesn't persuade you to give this a go, the fragrance description will surely have you salivating. 

Although I would normally add the bubble bars first, I chose to drop the Golden Egg Bath Bomb I first - simply because Ma Bar is known for being one of the least attractive experiences in the bath, despite its wonderful fragrance. The bath ballistic is part bomb, part bath melt so the tub immediately began to fill with trails of silky, golden foam. 

This is one of two products in this cocktail that shares its scent with the Honey I Washed The Kids range - one of only a handful of products from the scent family that are certified vegan to begin with. Giving off a wonderfully honeyed toffee smell, this is gorgeously decadent and beautifully sweet.

Up next the Ma Bar was crumbled under the running tap. By itself it turns the water a murky brown colour, but when applied after the Golden Egg, I found that the water transformed into a thick, silky golden haven - very much like a dessert you might find Mary Berry making on the show.

Next I added in half a Snow Angel Bath Melt. This was a seasonal release last Christmas and shares it's scent with the Snowcake range. While the description sounds like the perfect companion for the previous two products, I was disappointed to discover that the smell of this faded into the background very quickly and I wasn't able to detect it within ten minutes of adding to the bath. While it is a wonderful product by itself, I would argue that you could probably opt to leave this out of this cocktail and conserve your products a little more.

Finally I added in half a Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt. This product is the odd one out here - giving off a bright, citrusy lemon scent that I thought would also get lost behind the bath bomb and bubble bar. However, the fruity aroma helped to elevate the sweetness of the first two products and helped to keep this thread strong until the very water had been drained away. 

This bath melt also added lots of key essentials into the cocktail - helping to leave my skin feeling incredible and rather radiant after all of the pampering it got out of being submerged in this bath. 

At first I was a little confused as to why this cocktail had been called the Great British Bathe Off, but after trying it out for myself, I now know the reason why. Firstly, all four of the products help to create an experience that makes you feeling like you're feasting on the most scrumptious, sugary desserts possible - a homage to the amazing bakes that come out of the show. And secondly, the bath itself leaves you feeling like royalty, which is exactly what a large percentage of the British public feel about the show. An excellent and very unique bathing experience. 

Rating?: 8.7 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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  1. This sounds so perfect for the Bake Off season! I love the show, and I think I would love this bath cocktail even more. ^_^