30 August 2015

Powder Puff Deodorant Powder

There are just so many reasons why you should (and why I do), love this product. Firstly, there is nothing like seeing an ingredients list with under ten components: in a world where I'm used to seeing huge essays on the back of packets, often containing a group of words I cannot pronounce and an even bigger selection of names that are alien to my brain, this is very refreshing and equally exciting. 

Secondly, the fact that red rose petals is one of the key ingredients, gives this product an air of luxury about it - an expectation that it very much lives up to in every sense of the word. Finally, after testing out all of Lush's other deodorant powders, and not really enjoying any of the fragrances that accompanied them, I was thrilled to own a powder that smelled unlike any other - one that happened to be absolutely beautiful as well as fairly effect. 

Having not heard of Powder Puff Deodorant Powder before it was made available in the Lush Kitchen, I decided to do a little research online and discovered that it hadn't been produced in quite a number of years. Discontinued back in 2010, this powder has been hidden in the vault for the last five years - a fact that I cannot understand because I would imagine it to be fairly popular for those wanting a less 'clinical' smelling deodorant then the ones that Lush currently offer.

Featuring both cornstarch and kaolin, these ingredients help to absorb sweat and soothe the skin, while the dried rose petals and rose absolute offer up a fragrance that will keep you smelling good for at least a good few hours. Both in the bottle and on the skin, Powder Puff smells very similar to both Tisty Tosty Ballistic and Softy Bath Bomb

The rose scent is not as 'jammy' or as sugary as the likes of Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Rose Bubble Bar, but neither is it as potent as something like Imogen Rose Liquid Perfume. Instead, the aroma sits somewhere in the middle -offering a gentle rose aroma that has just the slightest sweetness to it - making it one of the most beautiful floral aromas to come from Lush. In a way, it has a slight resemblance to Amandopondo, just without the citrus element. 

Much like The Greeench Powdered Deodorant, applying the deodorant proved a little difficult. While there are multiple ways of approaching this, I chose to pour a little on the tips of my fingers and then massage it into my armpits. Despite my best efforts, I still found that some of the excess powder would end up on either my clothes or the floor - it's a little fiddly to say the least.

On the positive side, unlike a lot of synthetic deodorants available in shops, this one is far more natural, meaning it doesn't clog the sweat glands in order to mask the smell. Furthermore, I found that this made me feel far more comfortable than applying my roll on as I wasn't left with any wet patches on my clothing from my top rubbing against the skin. 

Another aspect of this powder that makes it a winner is that it's really versatile and can be used for many things aside from deodorant. Having read other reviews on the powder, I learned that it can also be used as almost a dry shampoo. 

Having experimented with some almond oil, I found that my hair became incredibly greasy and no amount of shampooing seemed to relinquish the oily feeling in my locks. After rubbing a little Powder Puff into my hair before bed, I found that it soaked up a lot of the excess moisture and left my hair feeling much lighter and far more normal than it had done the day before. 

While this dusting powder has a lot of positive attributes, I will say that this product, as well as all of Lush's other powdered deodorants, doesn't seem to have the longevity as a normal commercial deodorant. For this reason, if you're using this regularly, you have to be prepared to reapply the powder every few hours to ensure that the freshness prevails.  

This fact became all the more apparent when I found myself sweating profusely at work one day and became paranoid that the sweat would permeate my top and show through. However, the deodorant does act as a great repellent of smells, and despite amassing a fair bit of sweat, I couldn't detect any bad smells coming from my body. A top up of the powder and my skin was dry to boot!

Although I'm still not sold on Lush's deodorants wholeheartedly, this is definitely a step in the right direction, and I shall continue to use Powder Puff after the shower and throughout the day to keep me smelling wonderful and feeling dry. I will also try this out on feet as an alternative to T For Toes as I've heard it makes a fantastic deodoriser and would no doubt keep my feet dry and smelling wonderful as well.    

Quantitative Ingredients: Cornstarch, Magnesium Carbonate, Dried Red Rose Petals, Rose Absolute, Citral, Limonene, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £5.95 for 45g.

Year Of Original Release: ?


  1. Honestly, I would just put on a solid deodorant, such as Sunflower or Aromaco, and then add the powder on top. This method works well for me. I also place the powdered deodorant on the back of my hand (between my thumb and index finger), make a loose fist, and rub it on that way. I find this makes less of a mess. Love your blog! I always look forward to reading your reviews :)

  2. I asked Lush on twitter whether it was a deodorant powder or a dusting powder as advertised on the Kitchen and it is both so you can also use it as one of those too!