12 February 2017

Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb

It's the season of love, and there is no better way of celebrating my infatuation for the company, than by trying out one of their newest and most inspirational-looking bath bombs: Groovy Kind Of Love. If the sixties reference hadn't been enough to bowl me over from the get-go, the inclusion of the patchouli would have definitely secured my interest a few minutes later.

Released as part of the limited edition range that was showcased at the Lush Summit event last week, this bath bomb has no apparent plans to be released in the near future. However, given how much interest it has incited amongst the Lush community, I cannot see the company being able to keep this one locked away for very long.

A marvel to look at, this limited edition offers a rainbow of colour to rival near on any of the bath bombs currently available for sale in Lush stores. Resembling Granny Takes A Dip with its colourful stripes, this beautiful piece of art features patchouli, tuberose and neroli, and offers a scent as strong and as defined as the likes of Karma and Lord of Misrule.

It is the patchouli that governs the overall fragrance of this bomb - you can smell its distinctive spiciness and the slight natural sweet note that fans of the ingredient will recognise and love. For those lucky enough to have tried Metamorphisis Bath Bomb, the patchouli plays a similar role as it does in that one - offering a dry, exotic scent with an earthy richness that makes it exquisite. 

Alongside this, the tuberose has a sweet, musty, earthy element that adds a note of warmth to the bath bomb - one that could be described as smelling a little like old-fashioned crystallised candy or preserved floral jam. It's narcotic as much as it is floral; tenacious yet equally alluring: a little like the after smell of sweet tobacco, hours after it has been smoked. It's a very versatile scent and one that matches well with all of the other components in this bath bomb. It supports and nurtures the neroli and the patchouli, yet leaves enough room to make its own mark at the same time.

Finally, the neroli adds its own sweet, floral note - inspiring a warmth that envelops the other ingredients and gives Groovy Kind Of Love a well-rounded, exotic and slightly smoky, resinous fragrance. Strangely enough, I can detect a hint of lemon in the mix as well, which is odd because there is no mention of this as an ingredient at all. In a way, it reminds me of what I'd expect the love-child of KarmaMetamorphosis and Granny Takes A Dip to turn out like.

As you would expect in the bath, this ballistic is as colourful as it is fragrant. It immediately begins to fizz on the surface of the water, projecting yellow and oranges across the tub. As the bath bomb disappears beneath the surface the purples and blues and pinks begin to seep out as well, until you have an array of patterns and puddles of colour etched across the water. The water becomes a rich shade of orange that offers a warm sanctuary to nestle your winter body beneath, and some of the colourful displays on the surface remain for a short time for you to appreciate.

What is incredible about this bath bomb is that the scent is perfectly balanced to offer a strong fragrance throughout your entire experience. However, it is not heady enough to be too overpowering at the same time. I was really impressed to find that my skin not only felt really soft and smooth after exiting the tub, but that the smell stayed on my skin for a good many hours after I had towelled myself down. I appreciated the bursts of patchouli and tuberose as I was climbing into bed, and was even more impressed when I woke up smelling the same components the next day. 

This begs the question as to whether Lush are planning on producing anything else in this format. While I'm jumping the gun a little, as they haven't even officially released the bath bomb itself yet. However, I would be very interested to hear of future endeavours, only because I feel that this is a fragrance that needs to be experienced by everyone. It's complex enough to become a signature scent, and interesting enough that it would be a big seller if it did. Furthermore, Lush seem to have only brought out two other products featuring tuberose: Sikkim Girls and Old Father Time soap, and I feel its an ingredient that should be used and celebrated a lot more.

Overall, I was very impressed with Groovy Kind Of Love. This is another example of Lush 'pulling out the stops' in regards to both design and fragrance. Luckily, I have a few of these to last me a short while. However, it would be nice to know that these would be available regularly if I wanted a patchouli fix, and Karma just wasn't floating my boat at the time. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Patchouli Oil, Tuberose Absolute, Neroli Oil, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume, Roseie Red; Spring Green and Tangerine Lustres, Colour 4, Colour 14700, Colour 45950, Colour 45410, Colour 42000, Colour 17200.

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £4.25 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2017 (Lush Summit only)

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