17 Cherry Tree Lane
29 and a Half (2014)
A Drop Of Hope (Japan 2016)
Against Animal Testing (2014)
Apandapand (Oxford Street 2015)
Angel Delight
Aster La Vista (Lushlabs 2018)
Baked Alaska
Bamboo (2000)
Beautiful Pea Green Soap (1998)
Big Hugs (2006)
Birch (Lush Summit 2018)
Canadian Maple (1999)
Candy Cane
The Carrot (Easter 2014)
Cereology (2005)
Chamomile Lawn (Mother's Day 2018)
Chocolate Easter Egg (Easter 2017)
Christmas Cake
Christmas Citrus (Christmas 2017)
Christmas Rocker (Christmas 2017)
Cream Of Tomato (Oxford Street 2015)
Dear John
Demon In The Dark
D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap (Became Vegan In 2019)
Divine Whale (2011)
Egg Hunt (Easter 2013)
Extra Virgin
Fairy Ring (Halloween 2014)
Figs And Leaves
Fireside (Halloween 2016)
Flotsam (2000)
Ghost In The Dark (Halloween 2018)
Goddess (Mother's Day 2019)
Golden Pear (Christmas 2017)
Green Gold (Oxford Street 2015)
Hand Of Friendship (North America 2016)
Hedgewitch (Christmas 2017)
Hidden Mountain (Christmas 2017)
Holy Cacao! Gourmet Soap (Oxford Street 2015)
Ice Blue (2006)
Iceshoggles (Christmas 2018)
Icon Soap
Igloo Soap (Christmas 2016)
I Should Coco
Japanese Aid Flag (2011)
Jungle (2016)
Komorebi (Lush Labs 2018)
Lady Catrina
Layer Cake (Oxford Street 2015)
Lemon Zest (Mother's Day 2018)
Love Soap (2015)
Love Soap (Lush Kitchen 2017)
Love Birds (Valentine's Day 2011)
Love You, Love You Lots (Valentine's Day 2017)
Love You Mum (Mother's Day 2015)
Lush Gardener Cold-Pressed Soap (Oxford Street 2015)
Lush Hippy Cold-Pressed Soap (Oxford Street 2015)
Lush Mechanic Cold-Pressed Soap (Oxford Street 2015)
Magic Wand (Halloween 2016)
Mallorquin Gourmet Soap (Oxford Street 2015)
Mandarin's Tea Party
Merry Berry (Christmas 2018)
Middle Earth Turns To Rock Soap
Milky Bar
Mosquito Gourmet Soap (Oxford Street 2015)
Moustachio (Father's Day 2018)
Movis (Lush Kitchen 2014)
Mr Punch Soap (Christmas 2012)
Mud Flats
Neon Love (Valentine's 2014)
No.1 Seed
Northern Lights
The North Polar Left The Tap On Soap (Christmas 2018)
Oat Naked Solid Liquid Soap (Lush Kitchen 2017)
Old Father Time (Christmas 2015)
Olive Tree (Gourmet Soap) (Oxford Street 2015)
Ooh La La
Oregano Naked Solid Liquid Soap (Lush Kitchen 2017)
Orange Jelly (2013)
Orangutan (2017)
Outback Mate (Oxford Street 2015)
Oxford Street (Oxford Street 2015)
Parlsey Porridge (Lush Kitchen 2014)
Pineapple Grunt
Poppy Soap (Lushlabs 2018)
Pumpkin Soap
Purple Loosestrife (Mother's Day 2018)
Putty In Your Hands
Queen Of Hearts
Quinquireme Of Ninevah
Raspberry Milkshake (Mother's Day 2018)
Raspberry Milkshake (Mother's Day 2019)
Red Rooster (2005)
Reindeer Rock (Christmas 2014)
Reindeer Rock (Christmas 2016)
Respect Your Elders (Oxford Street 2015)
Ring Of Roses
Rock Star
Rosebud (Mother's Day 2018)
Roses All The Way (Valentine's Day 2016)
Samphire (Lush Summit 2018)
Santa's Postbox (Christmas 2016)
Satsuma Soap (Christmas 2018)
Saucy Snowcake (Christmas 2017)
Sea Salted Caramel (Oxford Street 2015)
Sea Vegetable
Serendipity (Oxford Street 2015)
Sexy Peel
Shooting Stars (Christmas 2016)
Sleepy Soap (Lush Labs 2019)
Snow Cake
Snow Cloud (Christmas 2017)
Snow Fairy (Christmas 2019)
Snow Globe
Soap Sod (2005)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Easter 2015)
Spice Curls (2008)
Spice Mountain
Stairway To Heaven (Father's Day 2017)
Stand Up For Your Rights (Lush Summit 2017)
Strawberry Santa (Christmas 2018)
Strawberry Whip (Valentine's Day 2019)
Sultana Of Soap
Summer Pudding
Sunrise Soap (Mother's Day 2016)
Sunny Citrus
Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Tunnel Of Love (Valentine's Day 2018)
Vanilla In The Mist
Waylander Rhassoul
Willow Pattern (2012)
Winter Berry Soap (Christmas 2019)
Yog Nog (Christmas 2014)
You Wash My Back
Zen (Oxford Street 2015)


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