31 January 2017

With Love Gift Set (Valentine's Day 2017)

Despite being in a relationship throughout the entirety of my twenties, I don't think I ever received a Lush gift set as a present from my other half. This wasn't because he was against the commercial aspect of the day, or because he refused to buy me any Lush, as a large percentage of my family still do to this day. It was simply because it wasn't in his nature to purchase gifts for people, unless he'd been instructed to do so. 

It is for this very reason that I tend to indulge myself heavily when a new collection of gift sets make an appearance from Lush, and Valentine's Day is usually one of my favourite releases of the year. Despite being rather pragmatic in my affection towards people, there is something rather beautiful and endearing about the warming colours of the seasonal wrapping; the romantic gestures laced between flowery patterns; the red and pink ribbons sealing each and every box with a beautiful smile.

With Love is a minature gift set with a big heart and a loud message. It's for those who have a lot to express, but want something simplistic and to the point. Featuring just two products inside, this is for consumers looking for something magical whilst within a budget - a present that will give the recipient a little taster of what the company offer, without spoiling them too much.

Containing a large slab of Love You, Love You Lots Soap and a small 45g tub of the self-preserving Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, this is a great gift for someone who is a big fan of rose-dominated cosmetics. While the two products are very different in fragrance, they both share this common characteristic between them. Furthermore, as one of the items is a regular product and the other one a limited edition, With Love offers an opportunity for users to discover something that they can buy again if they wish to, and something that may entice them into trying out other members of the Valentine's Day range.

What is special about this gift set is that large piece of soap featured here is not the regular design that you can buy in any store. In fact, the only way you can own a piece that looks like the one below, is through buying one of the two gift sets that have this soap crafted in this way.

Another benefit of With Love is that both products featured are shower-related items, so this is a great opportunity to indulge someone you know who may not have access to a bath. The mere idea of not being able to enjoy a bath at all is a horrifying thought, and one that should warrant an immediate purchase of this gift set, just as a way of offering your condolences to that friend/family member. 

While £11.95 does seem a little expensive for the size of the gift, and the fact that there are only two products on offer inside, both the soap and the body conditioner will last a generous number of weeks in the shower, and the amount of pampering the recipient's skin will be exposed to because of your generosity more than makes up for it. 

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £11.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.

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