Oxford Street Products

Dusting Powders


FUN Bars (£5 each)

Make Up

Colour Supplements

Dark Brown
Dark Pink
Dark Yellow
Feeling Younger
Jackie Oats
Light Brown
Light Pink
Light Yellow

Eye Brow Crayon (£7 each)

Blonde Brow Crayon (Dark Grey Tinted Brown)
Brun Brown Crayon (Dark Brown)
Noir (Black) (non vegan) (£10)
Rouge (Copper Brown)

Eye Jewels (£10 each)(12 altogether)

Eyeliners (£14.50 each)
-Control (Inky Blue)
-Composed (Midnight Grey)
-Courage (Mossy Green)
-Determined (Chocolate Brown)
-Fantasy (Gold)
-Independent (Black)
-Quietly Motivated (Bronzed Chocolate Brown)
-Success (Metallic Silver)
-Feeling Secure (Purple)
-Healthy (Grass Green)
-In Charge (Bright Blue)
-Inspirited (Pearly Blue)
-Motivation (Turquoise)
-Vivid (Cosmic Purple)

Eye Powders (£10 each)(18 altogether)
-Cherish (Dusky pink with hints of Peach and Gold)
-Carefree (Sky Blue)
-Enchanted (Pastel Purple)
-Explore (Blackberry Purple)
-Focus (Dove Grey)
-Happiness (Bronze with a hint of Copper)
-Honest (Lilac with a slight hint of pink)
-Hypnotic (Shimmery Grey)
-Intuitive (Golden Green)
-Lifted (Pastel Yellow)
-Optimist (Has Slight Golden Undertones)
-Radiant (White with Shimmer)
-Skilled (Damask Pink with golden undertones)
-Sophisticated (Bronze)
-Unconditional (Black)
-Wise (Nymph Green)

Earth Eye Powders (£10 each)

-Dream (Anthocyanin Purple)
-Forgive (Cashmere Pink)
-Lucid (Moss Green)
-Protect (Gardenia Blue)
-Victorious (Gardenia Yellow)

Face Powder (Blushers) (£15.50 for 15g)

-Lovely (Candy Pink)
-Elated (Dusky Pink)
-Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder
-Refresh Bronzing Face Powder

Lip Blocks (£20 each)

Shades Of Nude
Shades Of Pink
Shades Of Red

Lipstain (£12 each)

Bamboozled Lip Stain

Lipsticks (£13.50 each)

-Affectionate (Sparkly Pink)
-Ambition (Hot Red)
-Amazing (Dark Red)
-Amorous (Russet Red)
-Believe (Soft Raspberry Pink)
-Bold (Red With Matte Finish)
-Boss (Bright Red)
-Bubbly (Coral With Raspberry Undertones)
-Charm (Petal Pink)
-Confidence (Cherry Red)
-Dare (Smoky Purple)
-Decisive (Deep Red)
-Drive (Vivid Plum)
-Elegance (Plum With A Hint Of Silver)
-Energy (Strawberry Red)
-Faithful (Deep Pink)
-Glamorous (Bubblegum Pink)
-Joy (Ruby Red)
-Just (Devilish Blood Red)
-Passionate (Fuchsia)
-Perspective (Deep Pink Sheen)
-Power (Rich Red and Gold)
-Secure (Berry Purple)
-Soul (Natural Shimmer)
-Stand Out (Grape Purple)
-Strong (Electric Orange)
-Tenacity (Frosted Pink)
-True (Almond Brown)
-Trust (Plum and Cocoa)
-Upbeat (Tangerine)
-Witty (Pastel Blackberry)
-Wonder (Purpley Pink)


Bewitched Mascara (Black) (non vegan)
Eyes Right (Black)
Insight (Dark Brown)

Lip Barrier Pencil (Oxford Street 2015) (£7 each)

Noir Brow Promade (£10 for 10g)

DEO That B.O Solid Deodorant Bar (£6.95 each)
Sunflower (£4.95 for 100g)
Vegeline All Purpose Balm (£2.95 each)

Perfumes and Body Sprays
Furze (£9.50 for 100g, £17 for 200ml)
Princess Cottongrass (£28.00 for 100g)
Uptown Funk (£25 for 100g, £45 for 250g)

Shower Gels and Creams
Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream
Plum Rain Shower Gel

Bertie (£3.70 per 100g)
Cream Of Tomato Soap (£2.95 for 100g)
Green Gold (£3.50 for 100g)
Holy Cacao! Gourmet Soap - £5.10 per 100g)
Mallorquin (Gourmet Soap - £5.25 per 100g)
Masai Lather (Gourmet Soap - £6.90 per 100g) (non vegan)

Melonie (Gourmet Soap - £9.60 per 100g)
Mosquito (Gourmet Soap - £9.60 per 100g)
Milky Bar (£3.10 per 100g)
Olive Tree (Gourmet Soap - £7.50 per 100g)
Oxford Street (£4 per 100g)
Ro Argan (Gourmet Soap - £7.50 per 100g)
Sticky Banana (£3.10 per 100g) (non vegan)
Zen (£6.50 per 100g)


  1. Can't wait! Have been keeping up to date on facebook, instagram and twitter all day!
    Hayley :)

  2. Please do start with the most awaited LOM SC if possible. Pretty please :)

    1. This is the first item I'm reaching for when I get into the store so it will definitely be one of the first I'll try and review! :)

    2. whats sc? lord of misrule sc?

    3. Shower cream

    4. Thanks so much Jen Wright :D Really looking forward for it!!!

  3. Could you please do a list with information about the products first? I am really wondering what the new products are but can't find something like a official list or a LUSH Times for oxford street would be cool. Do they have something like that in the shop?

  4. Do you know which products are exclusive to Oxford Street? I'm just wondering what to stock up on if I do manage to get down to London... :) x

    1. They're all exclusive to Oxford Street at the moment! I think it depends on how well they sell as to whether they'll go to other stores, stay at the Oxford store or be discontinued!

    2. I recently found out a few products that will be appearing in other stores including: The experimenter, Intergalactic, Frozen, Cherry blossom bubble bar, Daddy-o soid conditioner, The comforter shower cream and Yuzu and cocoa shower cream.

  5. What are showders?

    1. They are boxes of powder that you sprinkle into your hands when you're in the shower. Then you add a little water and they foam up so you can use it to clean yourself with, just like you would a shower gel :)

  6. Hi Jen! Could you possible tell us wat Salted Coconut scrub is and what it smells like? :) I'm very intrigued by the name but haven't heard or seen it as much as the other Oxford Street products. I'm visiting in May and already planning what to buy! Very excited for your reviews!

    1. It shares it scent with Furze perfume - so a warm, creamy coconuty floral scent :)

  7. I can't wait to try these amazing products! LOM is my favorite Lush scent & just seeing the photos from press day & opening day made me so excited! I hope they keep all of the items around long enough to make it to the U.S. I see so many things I look forward to trying =} Thank you for your amazing reviews <3

  8. Are these all of the products, I've been dying to get my hands on a catalog of ALL of the products, but idk of lush made one...If they did, is there any way I could get my hands on one?
    Lots of Love,

    1. Hi there - this is probably the most definitive list that I know of and I'm trying to add to it every day. Lush have definitely not made available a list of their products from the store so far but I'll link it if it comes out ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. You putted the LOM showercream link under the comforter name.

  10. Hey Jen!

    I saw on VLE that you are taking orders for oxford street! How can we do that?

    1. Hi there - yes I am! If you're on a mobile device, click on the top scroll down menu and you'll find the page there: if you're on the main website, there's a box on the left hand side that you can click on!

  11. Are those the only eye jewels colors? It looked like there were more. Could you do color swatches of makeup? :)

    1. There are more colours - these are just the ones I've documented so far! I'm heading back on Saturday to grab some things for people so I'll take some pictures and add them to the blog ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Thank you so much! You are amazing!

  12. Woooooh! Jen, Good Job! Thanks for this extensive list! You're the Lush Queen! hahaha

  13. I saw a video haul someone made that had something they called a Shower Sheet that looked like a piece of A4 but was apparently a shower product. Any insight on what those are?

    1. Yep - they come in pink, yellow and blue with writing on and they're £12.95 each. They're A5 in size as well. I've purposely left them until my next shop because I didn't want to break them but I'll be grabbing them this weekend and will update my blog with smells then ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Do you know the products name that is used for tattoos to make the colors brighten ? I am trying to figure out which one it is. Thank you !

  15. Hi Jen are you done taking orders for now for Oxford street? If so, when will you put up the request page again? In a month or so? Please let me know, I appreciate what your doing for us! Thanks:)

  16. Have a question for you....Do they carry 29 high st perfume at this shop as well? Thanks!

    1. They don't I'm afraid! I haven't seen it at the store on either of my two visits!

  17. That's surprising! Its the "ultimate shop" for Lush. Thanks for letting me know :)

  18. Are you no longer taking orders for oxford street? The page is not available in the drop down bar anymore. :(

    1. I'd like to know the answer to this as well.

    2. she mentioned on her instagram that she's not. Although she's since deleted the post?

  19. entry 4

  20. Hey just wanted to send out an FYI that sticky banana soap is not vegan as it has honeycomb. Cheers

    1. Thanks honey! I discovered this last time I was in the shop and was rather disappointed as it smells amazing!

  21. How much was the watermelon bubble bar ?

    1. I'm not sure - it hasn't made its way into the store yet :)

  22. You've missed Dirty Dusting Powder!

    1. Thank you! I've never actually seen it in the store though - I didn't realise it existed until it came in the Kitchen!

    2. I bought a bottle in store - found it by accident, as I never had any interest in dusting powders as they all tend to have really feminine scents. But I bought a bottle of this one as I really like most of the Dirty products - it's got a very different scent to most of them, yet somehow blends really well with them. Odd really. But I've been pretty impressed with it!

  23. how much is the A5 paper shower soap?

  24. Hi Jen, can you help with a question? Does Oxford Street charge VAT on the total or is it included in the price of the product? Planning on visiting next month and want to save enough money! Thanks much for your help Cindy Keating Minnesota USA

    1. The price you see is the total price ๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck on saving up - I bet you're so excited to visit the store. What definite products are you going to get?

    2. For sure two of the shower gels, Wash that man, I love the perfume Coctail! And Don't rain on my parade, also love violet and vanilla! I am sure I will spend more than I should I am a total Lushie! Thanks for your help and love your blog!

  25. Here's a list of things that you might miss

    Lush Hippy cold pressed soap
    Mosquito gourmet soap
    Salted caramel lip balm
    ro's argan soap
    orange blossom lip tint
    lush mechanic cold pressed soap
    Wish you were here washcard
    Deo my B.O deodorant
    Light brown colour supplement
    Dark brown colour supplement
    Strawberry bombshell lip tint
    Cloak of invisibility

    1. Floating Island bath oil
      Hairy Mcclairy solid shampoo
      Ylang Song bath bomb

      They're hidden in the lush uk website, if you click on the "view all products with _"

  26. You accidentaly put steamboat fun instead of speedboat fun.

  27. Is the 'watermelon bubble bar' melomint or is it a different scent/design. Great post, nice to have a list of all the new products! xx

    1. It's supposedly a completely new one but I'm thinking it perhaps still in the revamping stage or they've decided to pull it :)

  28. I went into my local Lush store yesterday and the lady serving me informed me that they're currently having a clear out of some of their least popular items to make room for almost ALL the Oxford Street Exclusives! Just thought I'd let you guys know as I'm sure that this is the case with the other Lush stores in the country... I can't wait :-D

  29. Looking forward to your reviews of Maypole and Outback Mate, as both of those were recommended to me as being similar in scent to Ice Blue (darn place, discontinuing my favourite soap!)

  30. I'd love to see some reviews or swatches of some of the makeup products! I already use Lush makeup on a daily basis, but the new products look amazing.

    1. Hey there - I plan on reviewing the make up products in the next couple of weeks - with swatches and a video to accompany them! Keep your eyes peeled ๐Ÿ˜€

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  33. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for posting this helpful list and everything else you post that's LUSH related, I love it all! My girlfriend is taking me to Oxford Street for my birthday and I'm super excited. I've been writing a list of everything I want to buy as I won't be able to go again any time soon so it's going to be a massive haul...
    There are a few products I've read about that I can't seem to find much info on, though, and I was wondering if you may be able to help?
    Little Star Bath Oil - This has come up on a couple of lists but I think maybe it was the original name for Double Vitality or I Am A Radiant Being as I can't find any images of it.
    Burrow Under a Blanket Bubble Bar - I think this may have been an exclusive but I'm not sure what for or if it is still available.
    Watermelon Bubble Bar - I've seen some images of this one but I think it has possibly been discontinued.
    Harley Soap - This seems to be a fourth item in the cold pressed soaps line, but I can't find out much about it.
    If you know anything about these products I would really appreciate any help you could give me.
    Thank you!

  34. Hi I am going to oxford street lush for my birthday (which I am very excited about) I was wondering what exclusive products were citrusy, or light florals. I would love to know any product you think I would enjoy as I am a massive fan of your you tube page. Thanks x

  35. I'm a little confused...does Lush Oxford Street carry a greater variety of products than other Lush stores?

  36. This needs slightly updating Jen because some of these products aren't Oxford Street Exclusives anymore :) Hope I could help

    Fellow Lushie, Kirsty

  37. Does anyone know where to find a current list of Oxford street products ?

    1. This is something I need as well - I have a friend in London who has offered to pick up some stuff for me but I have no idea what is currently in the Oxford St shop.

  38. Waoo, really excited ..
    Want to buy designer perfumes..!!

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