4 February 2015

Lush Cocktail: Cupid's Cocktail

Jorge's Cupid's Cocktail




After an incredibly busy week at work, I needed something extra special to wash away those tired lines and refresh my body and mind. With the flurry of Valentine's Day products that have begun to grace every shop window, I realised that I needed to show myself some love with a cocktail that fit this theme. 

Cupid's Cocktail is a sweet, fruity and very playful cocktail - one that is both light and refreshing for those looking for something to wake them up before a night out, but warming and comforting for those who need a little indulgence after a heavy day at school/work. 

Comprised of mostly seasonal products, if you plan on trying this out, you may wish to stock up on these items before they disappear for another year. 

Firstly, crumble a third of a Comforter Bubble Bar under the running tap. As you can see from my video, I used an entire miniature version that I got in my Happy Daze Gift Set which means it was slightly bigger than a third of a regular-sized bar. 

This creates an impressive range of soft, fruity bubbles and will fill your bathroom with a beautiful sugary blackcurrant aroma that lingers for hours. It also turns the water into a wonderful shade of pink and sets the scene of what is to come...

Next, add in lashings of Prince Charming Shower Gel. At first, I was worried that the fragrance from this would get 'lost' almost the other dominating smells. However, I was really impressed to discover that you can this the whole way through the bathing experience and it added a lovely mallowy/vanillary note that I could still detect on my skin after I had exited the bath. 

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar is up next - this being the second time I have used this in a cocktail. As I stated on my review of Pink Friday, I was rather hesitant to use a massage bar in bath as I was worried it would make the water too greasy. However, as long as you don't add too much, it makes the water really lovely and silky and just adds a little extra fragrance to round everything off. 

While this was the only component of the cocktail that I couldn't really detect once I was submerged under the water, I did feel the benefits of the oils present in the tub and my skin was velvety-smooth once I climbed out and towelled myself down. 

Finally, add in half of a Love Locket. While this product smells amazing (like Refresher sweets to me), I recognise that this is rather expensive and I'm sure many people will be trying to conserve it for as many uses as possible. For this reason, you may wish to add a third of the ballistic in rather than a half. As the product is very strong in scent, I don't think it would take away from the cocktail at all and would just mean that you get more for your money.

This ballistic immediately began to froth and sent waves of bright pink foam across the surface of the tub. It deepened the shade of pink that the water had turned from The Comforter and distributed little paper hearts to tie off four the ingredients together wonderfully. 

It's actually the Love Locket that dominates the smell of this cocktail - giving off a very sweet, powdery candy smell that remains potent throughout the entire experience. Having said that, you can detect both the Prince Charming and The Comforter in bursts and this just adds to the magic. 

While those who prefer the more mature smells might find this a little youthful for their tastes, this is a great cocktail to perk you up and leave you feeling and smelling wonderful. I will definitely be trying this one out again. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10.


  1. it would be amazing if you can do
    A rainbow theme cocktail
    using : granny takes a dip
    Dorothy bubble bar
    You've been mangoed melt
    wow 😍 that would be amazing

    1. This sounds wonderful! I'll add it to my list :)

  2. I have to try this one, it sounds lovely.