20 February 2015

Lush Cocktail: Sparkly Stars Tonight

Katrina's Sparkly Stars Tonight Cocktail




Today I called in sick to work. For most people, this is not a big deal - in fact, some of my flatmates probably have more sick days than actual working days. However, as someone who doesn't like to 'admit defeat', I hate leaving my class with a stranger while I sit at home wondering whether or not I made the right decision to take the day off.

When I find myself restless, there's only one thing I can do - enjoy a nice hot bath and try to kill some time before the boredom sets in. While flicking through my notebook comprised of pages of cocktails I've yet to try, Sparkly Stars Tonight stood out above the rest - sounding like the perfect accompaniment for little old sickly me. 

This cocktail is made up of three seasonal products - so is perfect for those who have a surplus of older products they need to use up. All three have distinctively different fragrances but their gentle aromas make them perfect for each other. What you'll get here is a light, floral experience with short bursts of lavender and a sweet, creamy undertone of almond and benzoin. 

First up, I crumbled the entire Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar under the running tap. Despite it's beautiful demeanour, it's a little less impressive in the bath, and although it creates an impressive amount of bubbles, it doesn't turn the water the bright, beautiful haven you might have been expecting. Having said this, it does give the water a light purple tint and the delicate lavender fragrance it leaves is enough to make you fall in love with this seasonal special. 

Once the light, fluffy bubbles have filled the tub, it's time to find some space to add the next product, Snow Angel. This bath melt is extremely beautiful and immediately gets to work at filling the surface of your tub with a thick layer of almond-scented foam. This white froth is soon joined with a glittery trail of gold as the lustre from the base of this product begins to break away and disperse throughout the bath. 

The scent of this works so well with the natural, lavender element of Unicorn Horn; it adds a sweetness that rounds off the whole experience and makes it that little bit more magical. 

Finally, add in an entire Northern Lights Ballistic. Unfortunately, I dropped mine on the way to the bathroom so I had to add it in as two separate pieces. However, if you add a whole one, it's magical to watch as it spins around on the surface of the water and dowses the bubbles with a gorgeous purple foam. 

This bath bomb gives the whole experience an extra layer of light, floral goodness that seals the deal and makes this so relaxing and pretty. Once the ballistic has completely dissolved, you're left with a bath the colour of bronze, with a flurry of lustre swirling around under the surface to give it that 'sparkly' element. 

Sparkly Stars Tonight is a great cocktail for those who want a wholesome, well-rounded experience, but want one that isn't overly strong on the senses. This cocktail is complex in that it has so many different layers to enjoy, yet it gives off a gentle and rather simple-smelling bath. It leaves your skin feeling really moisturised and clean and the aroma lingers on your skin for a while after you've left the tub. 

This is a cocktail that I can imagine working really well in the spring - when you want something light enough to be refreshing but wholesome enough to be comforting during the rainy and rather sporadic English weather. I have multiples of each of these products and I will definitely be trying this out again in a couple of months. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. Ooh I wish I woulda bought a snow angel melt during the sell! I've got no idea why I passed on it!

    I've got a question~ which bubble bar would be better with lux lush pad, the wizard or unicorn horn?