3 February 2015

Two Hearts Gift Set Valentine's Day 2015

Recently, I have found myself rather intrigued and slightly obsessed with Lush gift sets. During the Boxing Day Sale, I found myself only wanting to buy the tins and boxes, and when the Christmas products were still available I invested quite a bit of money in the gifts rather than buying a handful of individual items. While I realise that it's actually more expensive to do this, there is something rather magical and exciting about unwrapping a box and knowing that you're going to get a wonderful spread of products to indulge yourself in. 

This is happening with this years Valentine's Day box sets, even though there isn't one that I'll be able to utilise again as not one comes in a reusable tin or box. After getting so much enjoyment from the Toucan Love set, I wanted to invest in one more - Two Hearts being the one that I chose. 

Priced at £17.50, this is about the right price tag for most people looking for something a little special for their loved one. Featuring three seasonal items, this set is aimed at those who like a good bath...or two...or three. Featuring a trio of completely different scented products, this collection is a sweet, floral, fruity extravaganza.

This gift set features:

Heart Throb Bubbleroon is a new addition to the Lush family this year and offers two-to-three beautifully fragrant, highly-sultry bathing experiences; Love Locket can also offer two separate baths but it's recommended that you use the whole ballistic in one sitting - choosing a time when you need some serious pampering. Finally, Cupid's Love Soap offers a sour but fruity offering to clean your skin while you're enjoying your baths. 

While I wouldn't say that Two Hearts features the best Valentine's Day products (in my opinion), it does showcase a wide range of different formats and fragrances, making it a perfect first-time gift for those want to dip their toes into Lush for the first time. 

The packaging is rather beautiful and really stands out above other gift sets - it's just a shame that it's made out of paper so isn't really reusable unless you're looking to wrap something else up in it. 

Vegan?: Yes. 


  1. The lot's of love gift box is reusable!

    1. I just saw this! Previous pictures and reviews didn't seem to stipulate but within an hour of posting this, I saw a picture of someone else opening one and realised that it was. Thanks! I'll have to get this now!