4 March 2015

Lush Cocktail: Apple Pie

Londo's 'Apple Pie' Cocktail

Lashings Of Glogg Shower Gel
Lashings Of So White Shower Gel



After yet another stressful day at work, I was looking forward to trying out another interesting cocktail idea from the vast list that I have amassed on this blog. As temperatures had plummeted and my fingertips were sore with frost bite, I wanted something warming on both the body and the mind. This recipe looked perfect.

Apple Pie is a cocktail for when you want to indulge, but don't necessarily want to eat your family out of house and home. Comprised of five seasonal products, this is not a cocktail you can use every week, but it is one that's worth waiting for as it offers an experience unlike any other. 

Firstly, crumble the Lonely Heart Bubble Bar under the running tap. While it's quite a small bubble bar to begin with, I found that this one is a little stubborn to use and it's easier to hold it under the water until it has softened enough to crumble. 

This bubble bar is packed full of essential oils - lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and rose, all of which give this seasonal beauty a wonderful strong, heady citrus scent with an underlying sweetness that is simply wonderful. Despite it being the smallest of the other products, this one is definitely one of the more dominating components of this cocktail. 

Next up, add in Lashings of both So White Shower Gel and Glogg Shower Gel. Both of these products made an appearance late in 2014, and so while they are no longer available to buy in the shops or online, you should be able to pick them both up for a fairly good price on eBay. These work wonders on your skin and are a great inclusion to most cocktails so it's worth the initial investment. 

The So White adds a clean, refreshing and very uplifting fruity smell - to me it smells exactly like freshly peeled Granny Smith Apples; the Glogg gives the cocktail a layer of warmth in the form of cinnamon, cloves and orange. Together, they both offer almost contradictory elements to the whole experience, yet they surprisingly compliment each other as well and contribute to the sweetness that the Lonely Heart Bubble Bar gave to begin with. 

Once you've finished running your bath, add in half of a So White Ballistic. Surprisingly, I found that this overpowered most of the other elements for a while and it was only after it had settled down, that you could begin to appreciate the winter spices once more. This, alongside the shower gel version, transformed the water into a lighter, more moisturising consistency, which left my skin feeling wonderfully hydrated and baby-soft.

Finally, add in half of a Melting Snowman Bath Melt. While the scent of this gets lost somewhat behind the other elements, the essential oils help to make the water slightly creamier and I was able to detect a very subtle smell of cinnamon on my skin afterwards, which I out down to this little fella. 

All of these ingredients create a rich, deep red-coloured bath and offer something that although warming and rather wintery in smell, will work just as well in the warmer months. The inclusion of So White makes this more uplifting than you would expect and the Lonely Heart Bubble Bar gives it a richness that brings the other notes together perfectly. 

As I have a surplus amount of each of these ingredients, this is a cocktail that I will come back to time and time again. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10. 

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