5 March 2015

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

Silky Underwear is the first dusting powder that Lush ever brought out and is still, to this day, one of their best selling products. Described as a luxuriously sophisticated powder, this product is designed to soften the skin and freshen up sweaty bodies everywhere.

So what is a dusting powder? According to Lush, it is a product of many talents. It's main purpose is to be applied after a bath or shower, when your skin is clean but dry. Simply sprinkle some into the palm of your hand and massage into your skin. The ingredients absorb the excess oils on your body and help to soften the skin, giving it a light, sensual fragrance.

However, like many other fans, I tend to use this throughout the day - applying the delicate powder when I'm feeling a little hot and sticky and need something to absorb the dampness. This, as with every other dusting powder, works wonders at making you feel clean, dry and silky smooth. The gentle fragrance is enough to leave you smelling beautiful without masking any perfume you may be wearing at the time. 

This particular powder features cocoa butter as one of it's main ingredients, which means that Silky Underwear is far silkier than any of Lush's other powders. The butter melts when in contact with your skin, helping to moisturise it and leave it feeling velvety-smooth. Don't worry though - the cocoa butter is distributed into tiny, sand-like pieces so you won't be left with greasy skin. It is this key ingredient that makes it far softer than the other dusting powders and I did notice the difference it made on the skin. 

Sharing it's scent with the likes of Alkmaar Soap and Turbo Bubble Bar, this dusting powder contains both jasmine absolute and vetivert oil. These two ingredients give it it's unique and very recognised aroma. I would describe it as being quite a musky floral scent with elements of what can only be described as vanilla. It's a rather gentle, sensual smell but one that's also rather luxurious and feminine to boot.  

Unfortunately, I don't think this dusting powder smells all that great when in the bottle and I can see a lot of people being put off by the 'ode de cornstarch' scent that you get when removing the lid. While I think the smell isn't all that unpleasant, it's not one that I'm overly excited about either. 

Priced at £4.25 for a 60g bottle, it works out at being the cheapest dusting powder that Lush offer. While it does sound like an expensive investment, you use very little product each time so can expect a bottle to last a good year, making it great value for money.  

Silky Underwear does leave your skin wonderfully smooth, and it works on skin of all ages. It's a beautiful powder to use before a night out or if you need that little extra pampering after a relaxing bath. The only let down for me is the fact that the fragrance is not my favourite one and for this reason I cannot see myself investing in this again.

Quantitative Ingredients: Cornstarch (Zea mays), Kaolin, Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Magnesium Carbonate, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Vetivert Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides), *Linalool.* Occurs naturally in essential oils

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £4.50 for 60g. 

Scent Family:
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  1. Love this so much xxx

  2. I just ordered some today!!!!

  3. I adore this scent family but I think I prefer it in Fairy ring. That being said, I still love SUDP.

  4. It is my very favorite product during hot and humid times to avoid chaving. It works wonders and much better than any other powder i tried before.