22 March 2015

Lush Cocktail: Ultra Spectrum

Tonya's 'Ultra Spectrum' Cocktail 




When I first saw the ingredients for this cocktail laid out in front of me, my excitement grew tenfold - this was going to be an experience and a half! This is a cocktail for those who want something bright and colourful - something that ticks every box and leaves you feeling like a million pounds. 

While I'll admit that there are quite a lot of ingredients used for a single bath, I would urge that you halve both of the bath bombs and give it a go yourself - you could even leave out the Unicorn Horn if you wanted to be even more conservative as I don't feel it particularly adds all that much to the experience, and wouldn't be missed. 

However, this cocktail was just what I needed last week and it proved to be the perfect companion after a more than stressful week at work. It comforted, relaxed and pampered me to the high-heaven, and left me feeling rather optimistic towards the warmer weather trying to poke its head around the spring clouds.

Firstly, I crumbled the Unicorn Horn under the running water. This is a product that has grown on me quite a bit since I first used it and I now appreciate the gentle lavender scent that it offers. This bubble bar turned the water a pale pastel pink colour and filled the tub with soft, fluffy bubbles.

Up next was the chunk of Ultraviolet Bubble Bar, which crumbed nicely and turned the water into a shade of purple. This is definitely the strongest element of this cocktail - with it's sweet grassy, violet scent. However, its aroma is dampened a little by the inclusion of the other ingredients and it works well with the other conflicting fragrances. 

My final bubble bar was the small piece of Happy. This possesses a sweet, grassy citrus aroma so works well with the Ultraviolet but also compliments the zesty elements of the two bath bombs. While this beauty didn't alter the shade of the water, it did add a strong aroma that stayed throughout most of the experience. 

Up next I added in the Supernova - one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush. This product possesses a sweet grape aroma that is supposed to mimic sparkling champagne, and it definitely succeeds in making this bath something to be celebrated. As it spews thick, frothy waves of pink across the surface of the water, the smell of the orange and lime oils comes to the forefront and gives the bath a wholesome fruity smell. 

Finally, I added in the Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb - a personal favourite of mine and the ballistic I think is perhaps the most beautiful in the bath tub. As multicoloured waves found themselves intertwined amongst the bubbles and patterned across the bath, a wonderfully strong and creamy lavender scent drifted up and encased me in it's allure. Perfect.

As I said at the beginning of this review, this bath cocktail might seem a little excessive but it's definitely worth the multiple products used here. What you end up with is a highly moisturising, strong-scented experience that's appealing on both the nose and eyes. 

This is definitely a very unique-smelling bath - one that is mostly dominated by the violet scent but one where the distinctive lavender and citrus elements are also very prominent throughout the whole experience. As I have multiples of each of these products, I will definitely be trying this again. 

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes. 


  1. I didn't create ultra spectrum, but it sounds amazing! :-)

  2. I was a bit upset at first because this was the cocktail i created.

  3. Can you please take his name out of my ultra spectrum as this guy was not the creator of this cocktail i was

  4. Hi there - I must have had my names mixed up in my notebook. I apologise for the mistake - updating it as I type this :) All credit should go to you, Tonya :)

  5. Thank you

  6. How do I submit a cocktail idea

  7. What do you recommend for halving bathbombs? I've tried the screwdriver method and it just never seems to work. I end up drilling holes in my bombs! Have you ever made a blog post detailing your process for cutting them? If so, I'd love to read it, or any other tips you might have. Thank you!!

    1. You know what, I've never even thought about doing a post on this but I think it's a great idea. All I tend to do is use a really sharp knife (not serrated). Pop the tip into the Middle of the bath bomb (from the top so its pointing directly down). I try and push it in about half a cm. Then I hold the knife, lift the bath bomb with it and tap the whole lot on the surface about 6-8 times, getting slightly harder each time. This always splits my bath bombs perfectly in half šŸ˜€