10 March 2015

Q10 Toner Tab

When you think of Lush, you imagine shelves lined with multicoloured bath bombs, cupboards brimming with beautiful bottles of shower gel and stacks of weird and wonderful hair care unlike any other shop on the planet. What you don't immediately envisage is small, coin-sized chunks of bicarbonate of soda that you throw into hot water and hover above for a good while. 

That is why Lush's recent release of four different toner tabs didn't get the initial buzz of excitement that most of their other Kitchen surprises do. Yet, as someone who uses the Tea Tree and Dream Steam ones regularly as part of my skin care regime, I for one was excited to try out some different variations of the unique cosmetic. 

To use one of these toner tabs is very simple. Simply fill a medium-sized bowl with hot water, submerge your face and the bowl beneath a towel or sheet and drop the toner tab into the water. Lush state that once the tab has fully dissolved, you should remove the towel and pat your face dry. However, to get a full detox, I would recommend that you stay underneath the towel for a good five minutes. What is useful is that the leftover water can be stored in the fridge for up to seven days after it's been used - using this to spritz your face if your skin needs that bit of extra refreshment throughout the week.

Q10 Toner Tab hasn't made an appearance in a good many years and I'm a little unsure as to why. Made from a collaboration of lavender, sandalwood and chamomile oils, this little beauty is a feast for the skin - a toner tab that not only cleanses and softens the complexion, but one that works on sensitive skin to soothe and heal irritated pores and remove some of the redness that comes from acne and shaving. 

This herbal toner gives off a wonderful sweet, lavender smell - one that is complimented by the delicate note of sandalwood that sits underneath. There is also an element of the chamomile here but it is mild enough to give the tab a fresh, clean and slightly honeyed floral aroma, without making it too pungent on the senses. 

While I was skeptical at first that any of Lush's toner tabs would actually work, I was amazed at how soft and smooth my skin felt after using this particular one. My complexion looked far more radiant than it had done previously and there was a slight gleam around my cheeks and eyes that helped to put a little more life into my face.

My skin felt soft, smooth and slightly tauter than it had done beforehand, and while it didn't have a gleam that other toner tabs have offered me, I was very pleased with how refreshing the whole experience was. This is definitely something I would want to use regularly in the colder months - where one of these tabs could repair and improve the condition of my skin after weeks of harsh weather and long work days. 

Despite it's £1.25 price tag, I am disappointed to know that I won't be able to use this regularly. If Lush were to bring this back as a regular item, I would definitely buy this again and alternate between this and the other two toner tabs that I use every month. This is definitely a quick fix for those who need a little boost before an event or a night out - it refreshes tired looking skin and will help to calm and reduce the appearance of redness and spots. It may be small but Q10 has a big impact.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Powder, Carrageenan Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Water (Aqua), Limonene, Linalool, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £1.25 each.
2016 Price: £1.50 each.

Year Of Original Release: ?


  1. I have never tried these tabs. I know that my local store is nearly always low on them, but you're right that they don't get the hype that some other products receive. Perhaps it's worth a try, it sounds cool!

  2. It's in the Kitchen!! So Excited to try this!