22 October 2013

Blackberry Bath Bomb

Blackberry is one of the first bath bombs to ever come from the company that we now know as Lush. And although there were a lot of products created through trial and error in the beginning, Blackberry is one such product that made the cut, and continues to be one of their biggest selling bath bombs to date. 

I think it's popularity is due to a number of different reasons; Firstly, it is made up of only eight ingredients, which for those of us who are conscious of what we use on our bodies, this is refreshing to see; secondly, it possesses a gorgeous scent and colour unlike any other bath bomb on the market. 

The Blackberry ballistic is a beautiful shade of deep violet with the word BOMB etched on the top. Featuring both bergamot and frankincense, this bomb lifts your spirits and cleanses your mind, as well as leaving you smelling delicious.  The scent is subtle so it's not overpowering and the frankincense oil is clearly

detectable both before and after adding the bomb to water. This is a positive aspect to the ballistic as frankincense is such a unique and beautiful smell.

What I found is that the scent is less blackberry and more parma violet sweets, which only served to make me love this ballistic even more. It is definitely more floral than it is fruity, but I didn't think this was a bad thing, as there are other Lush bath bombs that will satisfy your fruity cravings if need be. 

When added to water, this bath bomb starts fizzing immediately and it only takes a matter of seconds before your water has turned a beautiful shade of lilac. There is also a little surprise once the bath bomb has fully dissolved, but I will leave this up to you to discover for yourself. The colour does fade somewhat over time, but this is to be expected of most bath bombs, so Blackberry is not unique in doing this. 

Lush say that 'this is a good one to use on days when you are feeling out of sorts, rushed or just can’t think straight. It brings calm and clarity to a busy hectic life.' I definitely agree. 

Sharing the same scent as Sultana of Soap, this is a bath bomb that clears your head, refreshes your mind and leaves you smelling delicious. To top it off, it also leaves your skin feeling silky soft, without the addition of oily substances that may affect those with sensitive skin.
Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Bergamot Oil, Frankincense Oil, Hexyl Cinnamal, Colour 42053, Colour 17200.

Vegan?: Yes

2014 Price: £3.25.

Scent Family:
Bewitched Bubble Bar
Sultana Of Skin Body Conditioner
Sultana Of Soap Soap


  1. I need to try this bath bomb. Didn't know it smells like Sultana os soap, which is one of my absolute favorite Lush soap!

  2. Only four stars? I'm shocked.