6 December 2015

Lush Cocktail: Honeeey Baby!

Katrina's 'Honeeey Baby!' Cocktail




I am royally spoiled - there is no denying it. Looking back at the cocktails I have been indulging in over the last few months, I realise that I'm using almost £10 worth of products with each and every single bath. While I am completely content in doing so (as these baths are often my saving grace after a stressful day), I sometimes take for granted just how much freedom I have with my spending habits.

Honeeey Baby! is a decadent and very rich cocktail - one that borrows the fragrance and productivity from three limited edition products, and one recently discontinued bath melt. While this experience is definitely worth the investment and the use of products, I recognise that many people would not be willing to part with so many rarities when we don't know if they'll ever make a reappearance.

As with all of my cocktails, you can easily reduce the amount of each product you use - I'd say that you could stretch the ingredients in this cocktail across two or three different baths. However, being my green self and having experienced a pretty terrible day, I knew I needed something extra special to lift my spirits a little.

I chose to crumble the Amandopondo Bubble Bar first. What I found with this bubble bar is that it's very soft to touch so will crumble very easily, and you don't have to wait long before the bath begins to fill up with beautiful bubbles. I'll probably go as far as to say that this bubble bar produces some of the greatest bubbles I have ever seen. They are extremely light and fluffy, with an almost velvety consistency, and to the naked eye, don't necessarily look any different from other bubbles. 

Up next was the Ma Bar Bubble Bar. Once under the running tap, this limited edition crumbled with a little force and produced a surplus of luxurious, creamy bubbles that permeated the room with the gorgeous scent of toffee, cocoa and honey. The only down side to this product is the fact that it turns the water into a nasty shade of brown. However, once all of the ingredients have been added into the tub, this problem is soon solved.

Floating Island shares it's fragrance with the now discontinued Whitewash Shower Smoothie - a light, sweet sandalwood and cocoa butter scented bath melt. You can use this product in one of two ways; As you can see from my video, I choose to drop it into my tub and leave it to gently melt away by itself. This particular melt took almost 10 minutes to fully dissolve, meaning that you can get in while it's doing it's job and relax while it softens the water around you. Secondly, you can choose to crumble this melt under the running water. Either way, Floating Island produces a sea of creamy white foam that rests on the surface and washes away without staining the tub.

Enriched with the popular Honey I Washed The Kids scent, Shoot For The Stars is the icing on the cake. Composed of a beautiful rich blue, yellow and silver shell, this bath bomb is a pleasure to watch in the tub. This ballistic not only dominates the colour of the water and creates a deep, dark haven of colour, but the scent is easily the strongest component in this cocktail.

Altogether, this cocktail offers a highly sensual, potently fragrant and luxuriously lavish thing experience that is well worth the use of four different bathing products. While I would say that Amandopondo could probably be left out (as I could barely detect it in the water), and the Shoot For The Stars could probably be halved to allow the vanilla of the melt to come through more, I think this is a great winter cocktail - one that's creamy and moisturising enough to undo weeks of damage from the colder weather. 

Rating?: 8.8 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.