5 December 2015

Cold As Ice Gift Set

During the first year of the Kitchen, Lush brought out three different limited edition gift sets - most of which came out around the Halloween and Christmas period. While these were a welcome change from the usual weekly menu, there was a small part of me that didn't appreciate how hard it was to stock up on an individual product.

On the positive side, it meant that I was slightly more reserved with my spending, and only ended up getting a single box set to appreciate. This also allows for new Lush fans to experience a selection of older products without them selling out in record speed. However, if there's an item you particularly love on offer, it's hard knowing that you can only buy 1 or 2, unless you want to break the bank.

When it came to Cold As Ice, I had a slightly different problem; rather than there being a couple of products I wanted, integrated alongside a couple that I didn't particular care for, I found that I wanted all four items, and multiples of each. Trying to curb my spending that week, I chose to purchase only one gift set, but the temptation to buy more than one was at an all time high.

On arrival, I was immediately bowled over by the design - it's absolutely stunning in person! In my opinion, it would have been a best seller if sold in stores - not only because of the gorgeous knot wrap that decorates the outside, but also because the selection of products inside are well and truly exquisite. Had Lush decided to make those items exclusive to this set, I can imagine it would have outsold most of the other gift sets currently available in shops. 

Priced up at £24.95, this gift set might seem a little expensive at first, especially given what's inside and the individual prices that they were each last sold at. However, once you include the knot wrap as the fifth product, it's actually a very reasonable price to pay for such a cleverly constructed gift set.

This set features:

What is great about this collection is that all four products are very different from each other in terms of productivity as well as scent. Abominaball is a creamy mint and vanilla affair; Northern Lights offering more of a gentle floral jasmine aroma; Star Light Star Bright is a bright and zesty citrus smell and Snow Shower Shower Jelly is a fizzy grape fragrance. 

Yet while they don't all work together in regards to their scents, they are all very warming products, and offer multiple experiences that will definitely banish any feelings of coldness that you may have been experiencing at the time. I think I might store this gift away until early January, when the weather is below freezing, and then treat myself to a few days of wonderful bathing to bring in the new year.

Vegan?: Yes.

Price: £24.95 each.     

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  1. If anyone has one of the knot wraps from this that they'd be willing to sell me I'd be so grateful, I lost mine and I'm heartbroken :( x