22 December 2015

It's Santa Gift Set

It's always around this time of year that Lush bring out a few limited edition gift sets featuring some of their products from years gone by. On the one hand, I really appreciate being given a chance to sample a selection of products - presented in a lovely body or knot wrap. However, when there is a product that I really love, there is always a side to me that wishes the company would bring them out separately so that I could stock up on that one item.

This year, Lush have brought out two gift sets - both of which are well-constructed, carefully thought out and full of some of my favourite Christmassy bath products. Not only have they given us the opportunity to experience a shower gel that didn't make it into the seasonal range this year, but this particular set also features two products that haven't been seen in a good few years.  

This set features: 

Immediately upon opening the box, I couldn't escape how wonderfully sweet, warming and spicy the products are. While they are all possess very different aromas, they compliment each other perfectly - which makes it very difficult to know which one to pick when heading into the bath. 

While Hot Toddy offers a fruity collaboration of orange, bergamot and cinnamon, Satsumo Santa brings a sweet, zesty sherbet scent. Marzibain shares its scent with the popular Snowcake range - a fruity almond smell - while Gingerbread House is a warm, sugary-sweet blend that smells like freshly baked cookies and nutmeg. 

Although this looks like 3-4 baths worth on the surface, both of the bubble bars are big enough to split in half (or even third!) and the bath bomb can also be severed in half with ease. This means that depending on how many baths you have a month, this could see you through a month or two - offering you very different experiences with each and every product.

As you get a knot wrap alongside the products in the set, the price (£21.95) reflects this. You're paying for the packaging as well as the bath items inside, making this a little more expensive than you would initially think - given how many products are featured. However, with the wrap, you're paying mere pennies for the box and packaging underneath, making it good value for money.

If you see one of these being sold, or have the opportunity to trade for one, I would highly recommend that you do so. If this was available in the shops, I would easily buy myself a handful of these to see me through until next year. A great glimpse into Lush's past, while being able to experience a handful of amazing products. 

Vegan?: No - the Gingerbread Bubble Bar is not vegan-friendly.

2015 Price: £21.95 each.   


  1. Would you be willing to see me the non vegan item?:) (

    1. Hey lovely! I've actually already sold the Gingerbread Bubble Bar! Sorry :(

    2. Darn, missed my chance:) oh well, thanks for repkying:)

  2. non-vegan on the gingerbread house would be the sprinkles, right?