26 April 2013

Snowcake Liquid Perfume

When I first began buying Lush stuff, I vowed never to buy any of their perfumes. Even though they're not expensive for the quality that you get, and they are much better quality than a lot of high street perfumes that get watered down and filled with synthetic ingredients, I still didn't want to even breach that aspect of Lush's rostrum. 

Lush stuff, although not ridiculously priced, is still a luxury item that a lot of people cannot afford. I'm lucky in that I have a job that pays enough for me to splash out on their products on a regular basis. However, you only have to put a handful of items in your basket before you've already racked up near enough £100. So if I start collecting the perfumes, I thought, that is going to double my monthly expenditure almost instantaneously.

However, fate took over when one day I logged onto the Lush website and saw six limited edition perfumes staring me in the face. The Comforter Perfume? Creamy Candy Perfume? Snowcake Perfume? It was just too much. I had to buy them all. 

As it happened, I only bought the Snowcake perfume because I had smelt the soap a week or two before and the scent had stuck with me enough to help me part with £30 of my hard-earned money. Looking back now, I am so glad I did.                                                                                                                                                              Sharing the same scent as the limited edition christmas soap, Snowcake is a unique perfume that leaves a lasting impression on both the wearer and passer-by. It is made up of a warm and sophisticated sweet smell of marzipan, intertwined with a spicy, fruity after-scent of tangerine. The irresistible marzipan scent is a combination of rose, cassis and benzoin, with the nuttiness moulded from rose absolute and citronellol. 
It's a perfume designed to comfort and cuddle cold bodies during the winter months, but one that I feel would work equally well as a light happy fragrance suitable for both spring and summer. It's a rich, decadent and unique aroma - one that I suspect would be very much a love/hate product for most people.  

The fragrance tends to last for about 3 hours on the skin, and much longer on clothes, although I will often get a sudden wave some 10 hours after the first appliance. Very little needs to be applied, so although this only comes in 30ml bottles, it will last quite a while if you use it sparingly. I've yet to determine any layers with this perfume, as I don't notice any change in scent as the day wears on. However, I don't necessarily think this is as a bad thing as the initial scent is gorgeous anyway. So why ruin it?
Fast becoming one of my favourite Lush scents, Snowcake is a must have for Lush fans. I only hope they bring it out as a limited edition again soon, so I can buy another bottle and stop worrying about running out.

Quantitative Ingredients: DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax Benzoin), Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena), Cassie Absolute (Acacia farnesiana), Benzyl Benzolate, Geraniol, Benzyl Cinnamate, Citronellol.  

Vegan?: Yes.

2013 Price: £26 for 30ml.

Scent Family:


  1. you so lucky!! the usa website didn't have them :[ they just had it on this weekend but shipping was a little pricy

  2. I had this before, and then I hated it.But this time around, I LOVE it.

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  3. Here In Italy this perfume is now available! Snowcake is my favorite soap so, If the perfume has the same smell, I may want it +_______+

  4. You should! It really does smell identical to the soap (in my eyes) and it's one of those perfumes that lingers around throughout the day.