28 June 2013

June 2013 Lush Inventory - Soaps

Right, onto the soaps. For some reason, I have managed to collect a LOT of soaps, which probably isn't surprising to most when you see my collection as a whole. However, it is a little odd as I very rarely use soaps; I would much rather use a shower gel or jelly. 

My soap collection has mounted up considerably this year, so I will be doing a competition very soon for one lucky person to win a large set of different soaps. Keep your eyes (sexy) peel(ed)!

Once I began photographing my soaps, I realised that a couple of the soap at the bottom of my box had begun to sweat a little. So I decided to invest in some grease-proof paper and repackage my entire collection, as well as slice off a handful of pieces to accompany me in the shower...

Current Stash:
13 Cherry Tree Lane
13 (unlucky for dirt)
Angels Delight
Canadian Maple Soap
Candy Cane
Divine Whale
Egg Hunt Soap
Figs and Leaves
Lady Catrina
Mandarin's Tea Party
Mr Punch Soap
Mud Flats
Northern Lights 
North Pole
Nou Bar
Ooh La La
Putty For Your Hands
Red Rooster
Rock Star
Sea Vegetable
Sexy Peel
Snow Cake
Snow Globe
Spice Mountain
Sultana of Soap
Summer Pudding


  1. How do you store your soaps to keep them fresh and preserve the fragrance?

    1. In all fairness, I only have a few slices of soap left as I don't tend to use it. However, when I did have a lot of soap, I would wrap all of the pieces in greaseproof paper and this would stop the soap sweating, whilst retaining the scent inside. My soaps would last me for a couple of years then, with them still smelling as vibrant as they did when they were new.

  2. What soap is the dark red one with gold lustre on it, that's in an almost squiggle shape? I can work out most of the rest of them, but that piece has me stumped haha!

    1. That's a special dragon edition of Karma for Chinese New Years I believe!